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What is the best way to go when planning a Disney vacation in Florida for a family of 3 for 7 days???

my Husband & I are planning on taking our 6 yr old to Disney World in Orlando Fl. and this will be our first time there. We are unsure what are the best prices. We have had a 6 night 7 day vacation quoted at around 1,593.00. That includes the value resort, my way ticket for all 7 days, with the water park addition. I am just curious of wheither or not this sounds like a good deal and I also would like some input from people that have been about where they best and not so exspensive places to go are and how well you liked it. Also when would be the best time to go I really don't want to go when it is the most exspensive but would like the option of not so crowded either. Thanxs

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    Here is what we do. We order the Disney vacation planning guide and actually plan by watching this several times.

    Even at 7 days if you do not plan well you loose time and will miss things. Go to the web at Walt Disney World it is a great sight and easy to navigate.

    There is almost always something new from year to year and the vacation planning kit and the on line site brings you up to date.

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    Definitely don't go in the summertime or during Spring Break/Christmas Break. Both times tend to be quite busy. Calmer months include September-October and the earlier months like January-April.

    As for parks, your daughter would enjoy Magic Kingdom. Tons of kids rides and if shes tall enough and up for some thrills, it has a few low-key rollercoasters (Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain). The parents may enjoy Epcot, and all three of y'all would enjoy Animal Kingdom.

    Have fun! :)

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    a tenet to make it a particular holiday , noticeably at Christmas time, is to e book the dinner kit on the Candle gentle Processional. You eat at between the Epcot eating places [ they have distinctive ones at distinctive expenditures ] after which you have favourite seating on the tutor it is a 4 hundred person choir, an orchestra and a focused visitor speaker [ superstar ] who recites the Nativity tale on an identical time as the choir sings many yule songs. it relatively is genuinely ideas-blowing. yet you ought to e book now in case you like this kit. They sell out quickly and early. they have already introduced the focused visitor audio gadget for this 365 days. additionally, inquire into the eating kit. it is going to shop you lots of money and make your judgements much less stressful. you're able to additionally lease between the time shares, if obtainable, at previous key West, saratoga Springs or any of the others. you're able to pay a sprint extra yet they are 2-3 mattress room condos with a front room and kitchen. you're able to desire to purchase foodstuff and prepare dinner extremely some the time to shop money. It additionally supplies the youngsters extra area to unfold out and separate. Your itinerary sounds a sprint too prevalent to me. What if the youngsters do in comparison to between the parks which you particularly want to bypass to 3 circumstances. additionally, there is no down time for merely relaxing. it relatively is a trip, toddlers do no longer want to bypass, bypass bypass for all time. supply them pool time, some are heated, arcade time, action picture time, etc. climate in december is in many circumstances relatively effective, no humidity, it is dry season so do no longer difficulty approximately too plenty rain, it relatively is often no longer plenty. it is cool at night, into the forties, each and every so often 30's yet warms up relatively quickly for the time of the day into the 60's, 70's. climate should not be a controversy. call and make your reservations now. it could additionally be too overdue for extremely some the inns. They e book relatively promptly, noticeably at yule. Have a large time !

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    Go and visit a few travel agents. I know some tour operators do special brochures only for Disney Land tours. It's always cheaper to book through a travel agent and you can get the advise you need.

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    I thingk it is 7days for 1 week

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