now that sadam is dead..r u going to get the hellout of iraq?

wat was bothering u america is r going to get the hellout or not..cause u have no reason to stay with ur freaken in another way..GET OUT


some of u said protect them..well u smart guys u brought every single bad thing happened to them..and about terrorism ..u brought it to them after wat u did..maybe of u left them alone they'll stop doing that..after all they r doing that to keep u away from them ..and who said butt out...thanks for ur opinion..thats just so sweet ..just like u

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    I think all the men who are over there fighting would love to leave you piece of craps alone and come home to their wives, children, families, and friends. Yet, our idiot for a president won't let them leave until this has "succeeded" enough to satisfy him. And until he's satisfied, and until you people stop all the terroism for us, these people WILL still be over there. And honey, no one is over there just for the sake of saddam.

    I don't agree with the war at all, but when it comes to all those men fighting and putting their life on the line to save my country, I will respect them until the end. Even if that means treating you like crap for being a moron.

    Thanks, and have a lovely day.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh sure lets just leave two of the most violent sects in the world to deal with a newly formed government that can barley get along and has no real way to protect its people alone together vying for control over a region they both feel should be there own. That sounds like a great idea.

    While I never agreed with the war in Iraq, based upon reasons I won't mention, I strongly disagree with destroying a country, promising them help in reconstruction, then abandoning them. If people really want us out of Iraq then here is a simple plan to follow, are you ready because only you can do it, it isn't something that can be done by America. Okay, here it is:

    STOP SHOOTING OUR SOLDIERS AND KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. Maybe try that for a few months and see how things are going then. If it doesn't work you can always revert to blowing yourselves up. And after a few months off think of the reserves you will have built up.

  • 1 decade ago

    We have no choice but to remain until the violence stops between the two religious factions that are in gaged in an all out struggle to see who will control the other group .

    Should either one take control by force it would be the same as if Saddam was still in charge .

    I look at it like allowing the kkk to run America it is bound to be bad for millions of people .

    If Iraq wants America out all it has to do is hand over its weapons and agree to peace . All the bombings must end and the cause of death for everyone is natural causes not a bullet bomb or beheading .

    Barbaric is how I describe the people in Iraq at this point with no end in sight and this is all do to a split in religion .

    America is divided according to the evangelicals who wish to control all Americans and those of us who want freedom to choose .

    I want prostitution , drugs ,and booze to be legal .Jesus and all religions need to be removed from schools all together unless they include the practices of those religions that include cannibalism and human sacrifice taught in the same manner as Judaism , Christianity , Islam , Hindu, and Buddhism . We also need to include Voodoo and those who claim to raise the dead .

    In the light of debate and reality religion is nothing more then superstition .

    It is the cause of a billion deaths over time because of holy wars battles for holy ground and like the Jews want Israel because it is mentioned in the holy book they wrote .

    Well I have decided to write a book giving all people the lands north of the equator and as far east as the suns rise and as far west as the sunset to those who smoke tobacco .Those who do not must be killed .

    You would say I am Nuts But in 500 years or so I may have created a religion out of nothing like L.Ron Hubbard did in creating Scientology . Half a million people follow this as a religion .And it is only 30 years old Imagine what time will do and how the numbers will grow .

    I must say that superstition/religion is the root cause of all the problems we face .

    A little peace of advice in ending a war ,lay down or hand over all the weapons and resign your self to the control of others or fight to the death .NO middle ground exists .

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    1 decade ago

    no, we stil have to prtect them, they are not capable of protecting themselves, and if u are not in iraq urself, then u have no clue what your talkin about. so in another way, BUTT OUT

    oh sure, blowing themselves up is a sure good way to tell us to get out, and we didnt bring terriosm. they were still kiling each other b4 we got there.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not until the last drop of precious hydrocarbons have been sucked out of the endless desert sands.

  • 1 decade ago

    No. We are there for more reasons then just Saddam. We are there for Terrorism. Do you remember September 11th and what happened. Because I sure did. That is why we are over there.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not in Iraq right now. I'm in St.Louis. So, Nanny Nanny Boo Boo stick your butt in doo doo.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with Jody Lynn and Redneck.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sadaam was not the reason we're there, so why would we get out because he is dead???

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