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Does weight watchers really work?

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    Yes, it does. This is a good program because they teach you portion control and healthy eating. It is one of the less expensive programs out there, which is a plus and they will run specials sometimes where you can end up paying a lot less for meetings.

    The program works as much as you put in the effort. If you experience difficulty with it you only need to talk to the leader and she or he can help you and give you suggestions.

    Good luck!

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    Definately, I have been a lifetime member for 6 years. I still go to meetings to stay on track. I lost 35 pounds and was never hungry, ate everything I wanted. Try it.

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    Of course, all they promise to do is to watch your weight. they watch it go up an dthey watch it go down and up again. How can they fail. (They don't usually fall asleep on the job.)

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