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My wife wanted a car for christmas?

So I bought her a vacum to drive around the living room. She was not happy and now she lives with her mom. How come she is so materialistic?

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    Oh my...maybe send her a hot wheels car by mail then....I cannot imagine leaving over that. Just think if you did buy her the car for Christmas she may have just left in it anyway and you would have been stuck with that bill instead of the vac bill ....

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    Well seems to me your problem is a lot deeper than a car or vacum cleaner. Without knowing the details of the failed marriage one can only assume it lies within the three fundamental questions that work to destroy every marriage. In case you don't know they are...1) sex, 2) money, and 3) in laws. From your question it would appear your problem is associated with your in laws or the dominating mother in law. Focus on the problem and not the outward signs [i.e. what you term materialistic]. Once you truly understand the problem you can figure out how to correct. Good luck!

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    I hate to say this, but giving a woman a vacuum cleaner as a gift is like telling her to, "get to work" or, "the house is dirty." Imagine how you would feel if she gave YOU a Vacuum for Christmas. Guys may like tools, but women don't. The fact that she moved out of the house is an indicator that something else is amiss. But you now have a wonderful opportunity... get a hold of her and explain that you didn't know that a vacuum was an inappropriate gift and that you want her back. And, if you're financially capable, got her the car. And don't listen to <bigigauna>, read some of his answers and it will be clear that he is a total jerk.

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    I am disappointed too! I wanted an H3, and I didn't get it. My husband did however remember the files, and other tools I wanted. Oh, he also bought me some very nice rings and earrings. I'm still at home, he's a keeper. I'd let the ol lady live with her mom, maybe she will buy her a car.


    Hey, buy her a model car like what she wanted. Tell her to put it together and she has a new car.

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    She moved in with her mom b/c you didn't get her a car?

    Was she materialistic when you were dating her, then proposed to and married her??? Some people never change!

    If you spoiled her early on and granted her every wish then she must have grown to expect that.

    The vacuum thing is funny, but she might have seen it as a chauvinistic joke (as in telling her she needs to clean).

    Hope things work out with you guys, if you want them to!

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    You must have known that she is materialistic! If she is going to act like a brat than let the baby stay at home with her mother!

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    So she left because you did not buy her a car? Well all that says to me is that she did not love you for more than what you could give her in the first place.

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    Gee she is greedy wanting a car!!

    My Hubby wanted to get me a vacuum for Christmas & i said not to because later on they will be a lot cheaper!

    goes to show we are not all like your wife.

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    Looks to me like she wants $$$ money from you. Thats all shes in the marriage for, why doesnt she get a job, and buy her own car, cars arent cheap, and i wouldnt want my credit screwed up over it either. good luck.

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    Get her some job applications instead and tell her to go out and get a fricken job. I want a lot of stuff too, but I would not ecxpect my wife to buy it for me.

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