How to install cast iron tub, support and tiling?

I am installing a cast iron tub and came across several problems.

This is on the second floor and the floor is 3/4" plywood and underneath is crawlspace. How would i support the bathtub? i thought i would simply nail some 2X4's to the studs of the wall to help support the tub when it is set in. However, the tubs flanges are not flush underneath. The drain side doesnt have a lip and was made so underneath there is a protrusion that is slightly parabolic which would make measuring where to mount the 2x4 to the stud difficult. The back has almost the same thing but has a 1/4" lip before that curvature. The side towards the wall has a lip so i can support that side very easily. How should make support for this tub? Also, the tub has a very small flange and isnt the backerboard supposed to go over and on top of the tub? The flange is very small on the side the tub touches the wall and putting backerboard over it and tiling it would make it look awkward since its so close to the inside. eek!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Maybe you should call a contractor for the installation, they deal with this sort of thing everyday.

    You should still be able to install backer board and tile on the wall sides, I've done tile jobs in tubs like that without a problem.

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