Anyone move away & get a great life & old friends hate u?

I moved away, on my own, left my home town at the age of 25. I had never been anywhere but my small hick town. I had never been on a plane. I took a job in NJ and flew out there. I have lived all over the country, married well, found the Lord, changed my life entirely, am VERY blessed & the old friends all hate on me. Wont talk to me, wont respond to my emails. They shunned me. And I can be completely honest- I didnt do ANYTHING to them. When I left town I had no problems with any of them.... It really hurts me that none of them have every said they were proud of me and admired me or even recognized what I have done w/ my life. They never left, they are all there doing what they were doing 20 yrs ago. Their lives are NOTHING like mine, which is kinda pathetic but I had the courage to get out and get a real life. Not stay stagnent in a nowhere place, doing drugs & everyone in the county!! Anyone else have to deal with this? it hurts as I did nothing to them.

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    Yes, I immigrated to Canada when I was seventeen from South Africa. My life was great there I had accomplished a lot while living there. I also used to email my buds back home and they simply never replied back. I was hurt and angry too, but then I realized what I had accomplished in my life. How I had grown as a person and matured into a real hard working and accomplished young man. I had a modern apartment a new Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. A beautiful girlfriend and a career that was flourishing. My friends back in South Africa were still watching silly TV shows and drinking in bars some doing drugs not really going anywhere. Then after being overseas for seven years I got very homesick and decided to return and start my life over in South Africa. When I returned my friends could not recognize me because I had changed so much over the years gone by. They were full of excuses why they never returned my emails or calls. I thought I would have a normal life back home, but no I am hated even more now than ever. The women love me. They say I am well travelled and experienced and very mature for my age. I am now 26. I have so many exciting and wonderful stories to share. No one can really relate to me, it is almost like we have nothing in common anymore. I am bored out of my mind and don't know what to do. I have now started a transport company to keep me busy. I should have stayed in Canada.

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    If you honestly tried to reconnect with your old friends, there's nothing more you can do.

    It's sad that your friends did not change at all and that they do not appreciate that you took the initiative and changed your life, even though you were scared, and it was difficult. It also hurts that they do not want anything to do with you anymore.

    Since you did your best, it is time to move on (again). Stick with your new friends.

    If your old friends are not happy for you they are being small minded and envious. There's the possibility that some will change their minds and come around, but don't let it worry you. Just keep living your life, and always treat people the way you want to be treated.

    congratulations on your success and happiness! You earned it and deserve it. Much success in the future as well. Good luck and God bless!

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    To them you 'abandoned' them. That's probably why they act so immature. And they're also probably jealous of you because they are probably disatisfied with their own lives yet none of them had the courage to do anything about it. They probably see you as having an exciting, successful, happy life and they're just resentful. It sounds like they're not good friends anyway so I wouldn't worry about it.

    I keep talking to my friends about moving out of my town and to a bigger city on one of the coasts and they get kind of mad when I bring it up and say things like, "Why would you ever want to leave here?" when really they're probably thinking "Why do you want to leave me? Am I not good enough?" or they know they're too scared to leave.

    They shouldn't take it personal, and if they were any kind of good friends at all they'd be happy for you. Period.

    And I hope you didn't do ALL of that stuff JUST to make your old friends proud!?! I hope you did it for YOU. And whether or not you're proud of yourself is all that should matter.

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    They probably feel as if they have been shunned by YOU first, and your Emails could be interpreted as you "bragging" that you now have a better life then them. No one likes to feel lower than any other human being. I'd look at the Emails I'm sending out to them and see if that's what they could be construed as. If they continue to be like that, then to hell with them.

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    Okay more than one answer.

    They could be angry for a number a reasons.

    Angry because you left and changed your life, angry because you didn't stay in touch.

    I don't know, I would think if they were your friends they would be happy and glad at how you changed your life.

    I think you need to move on and get new friends, because a true friend would have been happy for you.

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    FORGET them, keep moving on. Eventually one or two may contact you, but the rest have other lives and lifestyles. Don't worry about it. And don't grieve their loss, they weren't really friends.

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    they are envious because you had the courage to do what they couldnt. why do you care what they think?

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    mybe cuse they feel that you left not taing them in to consideration xj

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