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can someone help?

hi i tried asking for help 2 hours ago but apparently my question is either too tough or no one saw it. can someone pls advise...;_ylt=Au7br...


for those who didnt realise, the link is to my previous question. and for those sacarastic enough to reply with fuked up answers, well nvm ur life is bad enough anyway.

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    ask her out NOW

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    i can guess from which country you are. in that country only one rule shouyld be follow, go after those how are close to you. dont believe on any chat or sms type thing. if she is talking to you on phone and dont asking anything in return (mobile cards) and dont says that she cant attend phone calls. dont believe. girls over there mostly try talking to 5 or 10 men at a time so they can choose 1 from them. but they forget that 9 out of them are just after them for sex only.

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    yea whats your question

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