What do you think of Rosie O'Donnell?

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    Love her!

    We need more confident, outspoken women.

    Especially role models of self confidence for chubbier girls and teens.


    Whoa..... what's with all the venom?

    Fat. Lesbian. Gay. Opinionated.

    OK....those are all just facts.

    Any one of them does not make her a less valuable human being or member of society.

    AND they were all true of her back when she was America's darling.

    Maybe it's not her, that changed. Did anyone ever stop to think that part of what they perceive as a change in Rosie in recent years, may really be either a shift in their OWN PERCEPTION of her since she came out as a lesbian woman, or might be HER understandable reaction to how America has responded to her since she came out?

    Just a thought.

    (The public did the same thing to Ellen when she came out, but she retreated from the public eye for a bit while people calmed down, whereas Rosie didn't.)

    But what the hell? What's with all this uber-trash talk? Amazing, startling really, how we women have been conditioned to attack other women for being less 'feminine', and how men still think it's fine to judge a woman primarily on physical attributes, or to slag her for being too strong, or too big, or having opinions that she shares openly?

    I think Rosie's got guts, and I don't mean the physical kind. I thank God she uses her notoriety to stand up for kids, for people and their safety and well being.

    And I'm amused that someone has finally taken on the Donald, refusing to react to him as if he's America's corporate royalty.

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    1 decade ago

    Sometimes I agree with her but other times she's just so friggin annoying!

    I agree with her when she said that the Miss USA contestant shouldn't have gotten her job back. This is the second time (that I've heard of) that a Miss USA contestant did something where she was about to lose her title. The diffrence is the first time it happened they she did lose her title. The first girl that lost her title lost it cause some nude pics of her came out. She took these pics years B4 Miss USA and she had to resign. This girl, apparently, was caught up in a drug/sex lifestyle and was living that way up until Miss USA. Compare nude pics taken years ago to dangerous living that is not becoming of Miss USA right before taking on the title...

    On an episode of The View she was talking about big girls. I forgot exactly what she said, but I agreed with it...

    She annoyed me when she told Kelly Ripa that telling Clay Akien to move his hand by saying, "I don't know where that's been" was slightly homophobic. How the heck was the homophobic? Really, how was she supposed to know if he took a piss and didn't wash his hands, jerked off before the show, touched something someone sneezed on, or sneezed in his own hand earlier. Even with all that aside, would U really want someone else's hand (gay or not) in your face?

    On another episode of The View, a demonstration went wrong and she said, "If this were my show ppl would be getting fired!!" I'm thinking, "...but this isn't your show. Your show got cancelled, remember?"

  • 1 decade ago

    Rosie was right in saying Donald Trump is a hypocrite for posing as the 'standard' or the moral role model for Miss USA.

    Trump cheated on BOTH his ex-wives, so how he can stand there and tell a 20 year-old girl how to behave is so stupid.

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    I like her. Society has it ingrained in their easily-manipulated minds that we as women should be silent and submissive, and Rosie will not do that. Why? Why should she? If she were a man everyone would be supportive and say, "That's my homie" and "He's a PIMP!" but since it's a woman who won't starve herself or get plastic surgery or keep her mouth shut to kowtow to the needs of the piggish men in our society, she's bashed on.

    It really makes me wonder why men always say that women are the stupid ones when they can't stop thinking with their pathetic little wee-wees for two seconds.

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    1 decade ago

    I adore her!

    Ironic that when a male comedian does what Rosie does they're called brilliant, genius, hillarious...but if a woman does it, she's called; "loud," "hateful," "ugly," "hater."

    What's with the double standard here?

    Sure she's loud, brash, outspoken and unaffraid of critizism. She speaks her mind, tells it like it is and is a wonderful, caring, giving, talented, amazing person.

    I'd rather my nieces see her than say: Andrew Dice Clay, Andy Kaufmah, Bernie Mac or Jim Carrey.

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Rosie O'Donnell. She says what she thinks and doesn't care what people think about her. She is a strong-willed, compassionate, intelligent woman. And funny too! Yay Rosie! I'd bet on her to kick old combover's a$s anyday in a fair fight!

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    1 decade ago

    God for give me for what I'm about to say, but I am going to give an honest answer:

    She is a very bitter woman who hates men, hates men who own

    guns (except those that protect her around the clock.) She is hateful, disrespectful to the President of the United States (I know, I know! She has the right to her 1st Amendment right to free speech - but she is just absolutley vile, disgusting and outright evil in some of her comments!) She is totally lacking class, social or otherwise, and really should have been a sailor with the Merchant Marines, but I'm afraid that she would've been too abrasive for even them.

    She is loud, obnoxious, narrow-minded in all her views, political, social or intellectual. She is unable to be civil to anyone who disagrees with her opinions or agendas (see the interview she had with Tom Selek.) She is unintellegent, uninformed and totally ignorant of anyone else's feelings concerning ideologies different from her own. She is hateful, disturbed, nasty, rude, intolerant and totally full of herself.

    In other words, she's human, warts and all. And she is in desperate need of love, understanding and all of our prayers. She's in need of God's love and His salvation, as she is on the highway express lane straight to ruin and condemnation.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm with LindaLou, KristaMarie, LadyFraser, Liz and the SanDiego Art Nut.

    Rosie's great. So she doesn't fit the typical mold? Good for her! I would rather my daughters look up to stong women with opinions than ones who bend and kowtow to every fad of fashion and beauty, or who are known more for their Daddy's money than their own accomplishments.

    And I respect Doktordbel's response.....if you don't like someone, why invest yourself in trashing them? Just don't think about them.

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    1 decade ago

    Honestly... I think Rosie is a *********... but I'm soooo proud of her for showing the world that the Gay community is capable of raising children w/o damaging them physically or emotionally.

    AND I believe that Donald Trump has absolutely no right to look down his rich-********* nose @ Rosie & mock her sexual preference.

    But, Rosie did throw the first stone so... its to be expected from that funky-haired hoity-toity douche-bag.

    She's a big gurl, though, and I'm sure she'll blow Donald's a.s.s right out of the water... You Go, Ro!!

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    1 decade ago

    Well, I think it's stupid she got so much critisism for that Chee-chong thing she did.. It was kind of funny no offense to anyone I promise. But every comedian has to make fun of someone.. what's so funny about.. and then the world diversified itself and everyone was happy with everyone elses beliefs the end. Nothing that's not funny at all.

    Even Robin Williams, the greatest mastermind of all time, does it.. Haven't you ever seen his skit on golf and the scotts? look it up on Youtube.

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