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Who's liberal and who's conservative?

Democrats are liberal, and Republicans are conservative, right?

And liberals are thought to be the open-minded ones, right?

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    In a very broad and general sense, utilizing many stereotypes, then yes.

    There are exceptions to every rule. There are closed minded liberals and open minded conservatives. And there's a difference between being socially liberal/ conservative and politically and economically liberal and conservative.

    Being closed minded crosses all political divides. Sadly.

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    I am a liberal who was raised in a conservative home, one parent is very closed minded, one is very open. I just look at it this way I am liberal by choice, open minded by God.

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    Not all Democrats are liberal. Not all Republicans are conservative. Don't be so naive as to think that all things can be wrapped up and tied with neat little bows called "labels".

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    i don't think democrats are necessarily liberal, just more so than republicans. i reckon both parties are conservative.

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    not exactly, but I'm liberal....

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