are blackholes real? is there proof?

you hear about them...but are they real? any proof or still theory?

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    Black holes ARE real, there are anomalies in space that suck everything into it, however, there aren't many facts about them. Mostly everything about them is theory. No one knows where a black hole goes, if it goes anywhere at all. Space is a frontier...most of it is speculation. If you can get past the wording on wikipedia, go there to read about them.

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    I think the answer has to be either they really exist or there are some things which we would have no clue how to explain. The evidence probably most often cited for the existence of black holes (as far as I know) is the occurance of certain very high energy phenomena in the universe to which the only explanation we have involves black holes. Quasars are the big example of this. Quasars are objects billions of light years away from us which are remarkably bright (brighter than the galaxies which we believe contain them...). There are two reasons we think that quasars are basically very massive black holes: one, because black holes are the only mechanism anyone has been able to think of for generating the amount of energy (and at the somewhat rare frequencies we see it at) that we see; two is that the light we get from them can change completely over the course of a few hours, which implies that all the light (and hence all the energy generation) is taking place in an area small enough that light can cross it in a couple hours (otherwise how would the whole object know to change it's appearance at the same time in the same way...).

    There is, however, one other piece of evidence which has always been the clincher for me. It is believed that most galaxies have supermassive black holes in their middle. Well, that implies that maybe the Milky Way does. Now, when we turn our telescopes to the center of the galaxy we don't see anything in the visible spectrum. There is, however, a significant radio source there (again, which we can't see with visible light). Moreover, we have watched, over the course of several years, as the stars closest to the center of the galaxy make their orbits about the center of the galaxy, and what we've seen implies that there is a huge mass (equal to millions of Suns) in a very small space (last I heard, the size of that space had been narrowed down to something at most not much larger than the Solar System, if I recall correctly). So, we have something *very* heavy in a very small volume of space which for the most part we can't see. If that's not a black hole, I'll eat my shirt. :)

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    Yes and yes.

    While it's impossible to see a blackhole itself, you can see matter falling into it, light being bent around it and x-rays radiating from its poles. So there are many well-known and thoroughly studied black holes.

    Also, "just theory" in the sense of physics does not mean some guy's random guess (the way people use the word theory in everyday speech.) That would be a hypothesis. If it is a theory, that means it is supported by all known evidence to date.

    Some things in physics have multiple competing theories, all of which manage to explain all available evidence in a slightly different way.

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    Black holes are not real. They are strictly theoretical entities with no proof of their existence.

    There are number of good arguments against them.

    No doubt you know the sequence of events that precede a black hole.

    Any celestial body,a star,a planet,a neutron star and a black hole,all have one thing in common.

    The mass and gravity of each is concentrated at the center,when observed from above the surface.

    Each has a surface orbital velocity,earth is 25,000 mph.

    The surface orbital speed of a black hole is "C" ,the speed of light, This implies that no light can escape,hence black hole.[logical]

    If you move the orbit of an earth satellite 1km up the oabital speed becomes less or it would fly off into space.

    If you dig a tunnel around the earth 1km below the surface a satellite in the tunnel would have an orbital speed of less than 25,000mph.

    This is due to the mass and gravity between the tunnel and the surface,

    If you put a satellite in orbit 1km above a black hole the orbital speed would be less "C" the speed of light.

    If you increased the speed a bit it would spiral away from the black hole.If you penetrate the surface of a black hole {1km] the mass and gravity is still concentrated at the center.

    The orbital speed would have to increase,which is quite impossible,"C" plus!

    A black hole is pummelled by light photons from every direction,some are trapped in orbit,giving off no light

    The quantum effect mandates that a small percentage of the light moves faster than the average.

    this means that some photons would spiral away from the surface,causing the black hole to glow dimly in white light.[ a black hole!?]

    Other fast photons would be trapped below the surface unable to spiral in or spiral out.

    The quantum effect also produces slower photons,some of these photons would impact the event horizen horizontally.

    They could not spiral out or spiral in and they would not be able to maintain an orbit.

    A black hole would be a useless entity anyway!!

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    The black-holes are real . Is not a proof ( test ) . In this theory nobody was lie . I saw on TV . The black-holes widen the objects ( who stay near the holes ) and rend the object. So ( not much as ) the light can`t resist . The black-holes catch the light when are with 24 thousand of miles distance . And the holes are growing after every time when it eat.

    Source(s): I saw on TV . Program Discovery Science .
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    Black holes are real. They are purported to be at the center of every galaxy, including the Milky Way. The proof for the existence of black holes was found decades ago -- there were found to be X-Ray waves actually orbiting black holes, at the point between light escaping from them and light being pulled back in by them!

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    yes blackholes are reallyexist

    there is a proof

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    Proofs are indirect as astronomers are able to detect, sometimes, accretion discs around them, X-rays due to matter falling into them (i.e., electrons and Bremsstrahlung or "stopping radiation"), light variation in some binary eclipsing systems, etc.

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    yes blackhole is real it is made when some stars blast and blackhole forms and it has high gravity.

    if you want more surf on to

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