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This may seem like a stupid question, but I'm serious about asking it!?

I'm 22, and wonder what people expect of me, with regards to looks, career, relationships, mindset and everything else.

Can you tell me?

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    not really, except that you're supposed to be mature, be just out of college, and be setting about getting a job and whatnot. Looks, relationships, mindset, can't help ya there, those always vary

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    Wow you are very curious of what people are thinking about you. but you question is quite broad that you need to narrow it down to what or certain angle to ease and getting accurate answer. Regarding to your age, i think people expect you to be more mature than who you were before. You should be good in taking care of your appearance, which mean you suppose to know how to look well. Your look or your appearance judge you for the first glimpse before other can see your inner part. You should always have self-cleasing to have a better outcomes. In a career, that is kind of difficult to answer. I guess you are working. In your age, you should be smart in managing your finance. This is the beginning of which it is the starting point you need to know how to save and spend. The professional management of your financial shows that you are a accurate, mature and smart person. Saving is for your own future. Your inability to manage your finance shows a lot of your weaknessess. However, do not be too stingy that until other judged towards the bad side. Relationship>>>it is not necessary to have a relationship now because you are still young. Having a relatioship is not a bad idea because good relatioship needs time to develop well. In terms in friend, love or whatever, people expect you to know how to stand in the middle of the crowd, i mean you can adapt youself to the society. Be social but has the limits. Respect is very important! For mindset, at your age, you should be mature as i said. Be mature in making any decision because you are now in your adulthood. Be equiped well of what is happening at your surrounding. Adapt to the world. Always review yourself at the end of the day so that you can detect your weakness. Ask someone for help it is a better solution. Remember, mindset has to be versatile or what i mean is adaptable to the environment but make sure you have your own principle, that people may not be easily step on you. Be moderate but do not be too over! I hope i answered your question. Take care and good luck!

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    I don't think it's stupid, i find it very interesting and ponder questions like this every so often. I, like you, wonder what people would expect of someone my age.

    I picture a 22 year old as someone who is goal-oriented, but parties a lot because they have only been able to drink legally for a year and haven't yet settled down! They are attractive, and date regularly. Maybe they've found their soulmate, but it is a bit young for marriage. Others might be just casually dating. They should have already had a relationship (no matter how small or big) before.

    They're probably in grad school or finishing up college.

    They might have a small job to pay the rent for their apartment.

    Overall, they're living it up and creating lifelong friendships!

    This, of course, is only my opinion and people don't fit into a standard box. this description may only be true for a small percentage of people your age, but it's just how i picture it. Blame it on media or whatever you want, but that's how i see the majority of young adults these days.

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    Well seriously, I can tell you that at work, they expect you to at least have a neat appearance, on time and consistent and responsible in your position, able to communicate clearly with customers and coworkers and just have a clear head. In general, people are looking for someone who is true and just themselves. Just be yourself. But don't be snobby or prideful...people do not like hearing a 'know-it-all'. They want someone they can relate to and be real with.

    And that question is far from stupid. I just wish I knew this stuff when I was young! Unfortunately too many young people have to go through trial and error to figure things out. I did! Wasn't pleasant.

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    looks - don't get fat like everyone else insists on doing.

    career - pick a career that can't be outsourced to the chinese and the indians or anyone else who will work for 1/10th of the minimum wage. Examples are medical, dental, utilities, entertainment, real estate, upscale services.

    relationships - don't fall prey to the trendy bisexual crap. Also 35% of people have VD now, so watch out for that.

    Mindset - everyone has ADHD, Bi-polar, Schizoprenia, depression, or PMS these days, but try to be cheerful and positive when possible.

    Everything else - Get as much education as possible because they can't take a diploma away from you. The real world sucks, so keep collecting diplomas till you run out of money.

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    I'm not that much older than you, and I definitely have felt frustrated sometimes because I feel like, because I'm a young woman, people have treated me like I don't know what I'm talking about even when I do.

    But honestly, what other people expect of you shouldn't be important to you unless it coincides with what you want. People will always have expectations for you, but it's really kind of impossible to live up to everything that people want, and it wouldn't necessarily make you happy if you did. If you search your heart and discover what you truly want, then go for it, you'll find it a lot more fulfilling.

    Here's what helps me keep my head straight: And my wonderful friends.

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    You worry too much. Show me where the rulebook says you have to be the clone of society's standards, and then we'll talk. You have nothing to worry one else has to live inside your body 24-7 like you do, so you do what's best for YOU and YOUR life as it is going, don't live your life by what other people think you need to be doing at a certain age. You need no one else's approval but your own...

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    It's not stupid, but why worry about what others expect of you? Use what you expect of yourself to guide you. If you expect yourself to be educated, go to school. If you expect yoursef to be successful, what do you think "successful" is? Find someone or something that definies that for you and make that your goal. Don't let others set your goals and expectations for you.

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    Don't waste ur time wondering what others might expect from u.Life is too short for that!Don't worry,be happy!Set ur own goals,follow ur own dreams!

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    not much of you yet.

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