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How do you say bye in different langauges?

Can anyone tell me how do you say bye in each of the following languages- Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Italian and French?

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    au revoir : french

    Maa salama : Arabic

    Besslama : Moroccan = arabic dialect

    Source(s): Native french and arabic speaker
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    in Japanese=Sayonara

    in Urdu=Kuda hafiz

    in French=Au-revoir

    in Spanish=Adios/chau

    in Hindi=phir milenge

    in chinese=Zai jian

    In Arabic=Allah Hafiz/Allah ma'ak

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    Spanish - Adiós. Often used also is Hasta luego, hasta entonces, hasta pronto. Ciao/chau also used informally in South America.

    It - Arrivederci. Ciao is used more informally.

    French - Au revoir. Less formally is À bientôt.

    Mandarin Chinese - Zai jian.

    Japanese - Sayonara, but there are many more depending on whether you are leaving or being left.

    Hindi - I'll leave that for someone that knows.

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    French : au revoir !

    Italian : ciao !

    German : Tschüss ! Auf wiedersehen !

    Russian : do svidania ! or : poka !

    Arabic : maas salam !

    Portuguese : ate logo ! adios !

    Spanish : hasta luego ! adios !

    Source(s): my own knowledge
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    I only know French which is Au revoir. But just for additional info... the tagalog for "Bye" is "Paalam"

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    Kwaheri - thats in swahili, the language used in all those lion king words

    Au revior - french

    Totsiens - Afrikaans

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    Au revoir

    That's what's most common in French when we say bye.

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    Poka, Russian

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    ta ler, ale bye (mauritian creole)

    French is Au revoir

    Spanish is adios, hasta luego can also work.

    Italian is ciao

    Japanese is sayonara

    Hindi - namaste..or salaam

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    we have many words to say bye in dutch

    tot ziens




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