What would people with Turrets say?

If there was no such thing as swares (ex. F**K, SH**, G*D DAM*T) Everybody was comfortable with their sexualitly. Human body parts are not concidered dirty. What would people with turrets say?

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    You mean Tourettes Syndrome?

    You seem to have misunderstood the condition.

    Tourette's syndrome (TS) is a neurological condition which results in involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics. Symptoms of Tourette's are tics like sniffing, coughing, humming, whistling, throat clearing, shoulder shrugging, eye blinking, and neck stretching. Many laypersons inaccurately believe that all persons with Tourette's syndrome have coprolalia - the involuntary utterances of inappropriate phrases - although the majority of persons with Tourette syndrome do not.

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    They would probably say that their turrets were useless architectural structures. I mean really. What could we possibly use one for today?

    You should know what you are talking about before you attempt to speak to it. "Cable Router!" is certainly nothing 'dirty' as you call it and I had a friend that would shout that among other normal every day words.

    He was a very intelligent man, with a good, big heart, an all around wonderful guy. It's too bad he had it instead of someone who wasn't a nice person because his heart hurt every single day over the way people treated him and reacted to his Tourettes....I bet we could even find someone on YA that deserved it more than he did.....*evil grin*

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    4 years ago

    Tourette's syndrome is a style of 'malfunction of the ideas' the place human beings can no longer 'quit themselves' from making 'outbursts' which could be something from 'animal-like noises' to 'swearing a blue streak' ... those all and sundry is recognized as being 'retarded' (of low intelligence' because of the fact they are able to't 'help themselves,' yet are in any different case as smart because of the fact something persons. regrettably, Tourette's is additionally modern-day whilst the guy has different, plenty extra 'extreme' scientific matters, and due to this 'speech subject' they locate it confusing to get help for their different issues, via improper 'retardedness' and because maximum all and sundry is particularly 'embarrassed' with the aid of associating with somebody who 'swears loudly' at 'weird and wonderful circumstances' and in weird and wonderful places. merely with the aid of being a chum to somebody with Tourettes, however, you will be 'assisting' them, because of the fact the extra 'mushy' they are, the less they 'want' to shout and swear' ... much less tension, much less Tourette's indications.

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    Most people with Tourette's Syndrome don't bark out words like on "What About Bob?" They just twitch and grimace, but that's when they're not on medication. If they do vocalize, it's usually not swears, but gibberish sounds and or everyday words.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I get your point. If nothing was out of line and everything was acceptable, what would be considered "bad behavior" by someone with Tourette's Syndrome. Society would think of something else mean. It always does.

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    that's a good question. but having turrets i scream alot. just for no reason. we don't only swear or say body parts. that is a label that people have on us that they use to make fun of us. when the cock there head to one side and say **** dame ****.

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    Lets start with, don't put people down if you can't even spell the disease.

    As for your "question", it's not just swearing, they can come out with any sort of comments inappropriate to the situation.

    Tourettes also is not just vocalised, there are twitches, spasms etc etc.

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    I know one thing, you know nothing about Tourette`s Syndrome, as you do not know how to spell it, much less know what people that have it would say.

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    I am assuming you mean Tourette's Syndrome.

    This disease is manifested in many ways from clicking tongues to other things.

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    people with terrets dont always curse. some just have twitches and cannot control their anger levels. its not just random cursing kid. Look it up.

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