Is this evolution?

Is one species splitting into two groups, and then those groups being in two different environments and adapting to their individual environments for incredibly long periods of time, is this evolution?

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    You'd need to know a little bit more to say for certain. If these two populations are capable of mating with each other and producing fertile offspring, yes. If not, then no. However, the scenario you described is a common way in which new species are created.

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    Yes, that's the main way speciation happens. All species experience genetic drift because of random mutations, and when groups of one species do not interbreed with each other for a long enough time they actually "drift apart" so far that they no longer *can* interbreed - the definition of separate species.

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    Yes. Do a search on the web for "ring species".

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    Yes, geographical isolation. The two environments don't even have to be constant.

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    ummmm depend on how they are adapting. Just adapting to your enviroment such as dawning a jacket when it's cold out is not really considered evolving. But if they started to grow lot of body hair or something........

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    Not that kind. It is different from each subject.

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    Why is it not. Time is needed, anyway.

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    yes, it is

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    no its revolution people running away.


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