adpotion access?

is it fair that adoptions be forever sealed or should the adoptee be able to access those records when the chils turns 18... should the adoptive family be able to access the files when the child turns 18?

I personally feel that the records should be avaiable to the child when the child turns 18 so that if the child wants to find his birth family he can.... a birth parent can choose to give away a child then the child should have the right to find them later... and no the birth parents/family should not have the right to find the child at 18 or later because they already gave the child away once.... I am just lookin for peoples opinions on this

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    I believe the adoptee should be able to access his/her records at 18 yrs . Your at a legal age now and be able to make your decisions. I wasn't adopted but I don't know biological father because my mom won't tell me. So I have know idea what kind of medical history on his side is. And it irritates me to no end.

    So, you want opinions, YES, you have the right.

    Good Luck

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    I don't agree with you. If a birth mother wants to give up her child to a better life for that child then she should have that option. Do you REALLY think that it would be better for a child to be brought up in homelss shelters or on the streets than in a warm, loving, supportive home? The only access an adopted child should and NEEDS to have access to would be the medical history of his birth family. If his mother prefers anomomity she has the RIGHT to be left alone. The child does not have a RIGHT to find a birth parent that doesn't WANT to be found. No one has the right to infringe upon someone else's privacy not even adopted children looking for birth parents

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    I do believe that adoption laws are a strange thing I think that the children need to know where there from if for no other reason than medical problems I was adopted and meet up with a biological brother who was from a different mother.I took this info to court and told them that I could of married this guy and not have know any thing was wrong,the judge simply told me that since i know he is my brother not to date him He has a son and i have a daughter they go to the same school and i just hope the age gap is enough that i don't have to worry about it.My brother died at 31 from heart failure and once again i would like to know about medical history but with sealed records there is nothing i can do but live and learn it does seam cruel really.

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    if you do an open adoption the mothers name stays on the birth certificate if you do closed adoption the mothers name is not on the birth certificate. That way if the child that was given up for adoption ever finds out he or she is adopted and they want to find their birth mother it is up to them. In most cases the birth mother usually doesnt try to find her child. The child usually goes looking for the mother. If its an open adoption its easier for a adopted kid to find the mother and most likely means the mother does want to be found. Dont judge so harshly many mothers give children up for adoption for good reasons, i would rather a woman give her child up for adoption then wait till she is six months preganant and then get an abortion, there are many people out there who cannot have children and welcome children into their homes and adoption is very expensive process so these people really want children. Its a very hard and brave thing to do, to give a child up under any circumstance.

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