Does American Society cause mental illness?


The-Mogul is a good example of mental illness

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    1 decade ago
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    As an Australian, I love America and would love to live in California someplace.

    Having said that, people could perceive me as mental but I'm not really. At least I don't think I am.

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    The Amercian psychiatric industry creates new and profitable definitions of illnesses that don't exist, that's a given.

    American society itself for a long time depended on tight integration of the individual into the economy and communities, and this led to a lot of unabsorbably mentally ill people becoming dangerous to others and themselves. This was considered a public health issue in earlier times with sanitariums and mental hospitals, but now it's mostly been shoved out of sight into the margins of society for lower classes to deal with as best they can. Further, the overlay of identity- and victim- political ideas from the alleged "Left" has exacerbated the situation to the point where the destruction of civil society is nearly complete. The post-WWII social contract is in tatters, outsourcing takes industry, illegals take the rest, and the middle class is retiring with the baby boomers. Soon your question will be "does the Brazilian society of gleaming cities surrounded by tar paper shacks adopted in the US cause mental illness?"

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    1 decade ago

    That's a pretty interesting article.So the US society can be dangerous to Mexican illegal aliens mental health.

    They suddenly have far more responsibility's and we do live in a stress filled life here in the USA Its not as slow and laid back as Mexico.Very interesting thank you for posting it,

    The article says

    ``This is clearly a social effect, not a biological one,'' said William Vega, the professor of public health at the University of California-Berkeley who conducted the study.

    There is not less love and caring in the USA .We are a mobile society and we become separated from our family's do to school and jobs. Because I own my own business doesn't make me not

    love my husband and my family. It provides me with the means to spend quality time with them. We don't love and care for our children because the government tells us we must. That's an insulting untrue statement.Americans are some of the most loving caring giving people on this planet.We do because we want too not because someone makes us.

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    1 decade ago

    Interesting article. As a person married to a bipolar with MS and having a son with ADHD I have been doing a lot of research into mental disorders. I have come to a conclusion it is more of a nutritional problem than social.

    Americans eat more fast food and processed food loaded with chemicals than any other nation. The processed foods we eat do not have the vitamins and nutrition fresh foods have. Most mental illness can be traced back to chemical imbalances in the brain. The brain uses certain chemicals such as seratonin, dopamine, etc. to make electrical connenctions in the brain. High or low levels of certain chemicals cause a short circuit so to speak in the brain and its ability to function properly. Low seratonin levels can cause depression for example.

    I have seen greater improvement with natural treatment, ones that address the levels of vitimans and minerals in the body, than with traditional drugs for both BP and ADHD patients.

    Even Multiple Sclerosis patients are to avoid certain foods and chemicals that are known to make the symptoms worse.

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    Theoretically, I believe America's society may cause mental illness or the symptoms of some mental illnesses. Take, for example, public policy. If there a new laws that favor the wealthy, a middle class worker may be struggling and experiencing stress. Hearing this, it could trigger a breakdown.

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    welll..... having seen our so called leaders... i'd have a hard time saying no.

    However it is not american society as such to be the main trigger.

    i feel it is more of a blend betweeen real chemical imbalance and a rather warped sense of ideals. marketing and group dynamics have gotten the bulk of americans to try to live up to impossible goals... alll your stuff but no debt. do as you want with no repercussions.

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    1 decade ago

    Perhaps the word 'society' is a little too general, and it doesn't describe the actual cause of mental illness.

    According to the article, the difference between US and Mexico is in the way people relate to each other.

    In Mexico, family members usually depend on each other for basic necessities and for loving relationships in return. But in USA, people don't exchange sustenance and love this way.

    In USA, providing sustenance is seen as a duty that people have to do regardless of whether they get love in return or not. And that's why there is often so little love between family members in USA. Why should a wife love her husband, when the government will force him anyway to support her and the kids in case of divorce? Why should the kids love and respect their parents, when the government will force the parents to take care of them anyway?

    When people take care of their family out of fear of what the government may do to them, then they have no love for their family. And when people receive care that they see as their due, then they see no reason why they should love in return those who take care of them. True love has to be given voluntarily. People cannot be forced to love each other. And when there is coersion, then there is no love.

    Without love, people don't treat each other well. And of course, this results in mental illness for many.

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    1 decade ago

    dont know about society .media yes society ..very good question

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    I was normal until I arrived here! Now I'm a bloody LOON!

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    sure man don't u watch TV?

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