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back pain question?

would not drinking enough water lead directly to back pain? and if so, why?

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    dehydration.. and i wouldnt think thats the cause but it can cause it,then there are muscle spasms, and also pulled muscles and also heart attack but probably none of those,just been sitting at the computer like the rest of us for too long .Right now im hurting so bad in my back i was worried about heart attack but realize its just sitting too long on the computer.. But dehydration is no joke .I had it 20 years ago and it started shutting down all my major organs.If you even suspect you are dehydrated start drinking plenty water and keep drinking it ..will keep you out of danger..its no joke..

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    Perhaps. By not drinking enough water, you are depriving your muscles of a vital resource. This can lead to pain, cramps, etc. Lack of salt can actually be the cause of these things too. Although if you have back pain all of the time (especially lower back pain,) you might have a more serious condition such as Degenerative Disc Disease.

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    Yes it can. In the lower back specifically, where the kidneys are. Dehydration (or too much soda) can make you feel VERY achy and sore. If it persists, or gets worse please see a Dr. A kidney infection is usually looked into because of pain in the lower back and painful or burning during urination.

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    If you have back pain due to kidney infection then water is a good thing. If you are having severe pain then see the doctor.

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    kidney pain perhaps

    if you are prone to kidney stones, dehydration really hurts.

    mine is due to dehydration and my muscles tighten up.

    I drink 1/2 to a full gallon of water a day.

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    not drinking enough water may cause kidney problems which could give you lower back(flank) pain, not drinking enough water is also a risk factor for bladder cancer

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