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0rion asked in Arts & HumanitiesGenealogy · 1 decade ago

last name research?

is there any place on the internet that i can go to search my last names origin and NOT have to pay some monthly membership fee to find out my dutch/german or whatever name isnt in the database?

the last time i tried this i went to a "legitimate" company that said my name is dutch and said my family crest is a ...turnip..LOL

im not so silly to realise that my family may NOT have a crest..but some history would be nice , the only thing i know is my grandfather came from "somewhere in south florida" o0;

that..is not a family history..


My last name, -Waas-, as i am told is dutch in origin , what its original form is i have no clue.

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    I hope you'll accept a general answer. These questions come up every day:

    Where can I find my family tree for free?

    Does anyone know the {Surname} family?

    What are good sites for ancestors / genealogy?

    They are all about tracing your family tree on the Internet. The fourth time I typed in my favorite beginner's links I realized I should save them in a text file and paste them in. This is long and general. Because it is general, not all the links will apply to every question or questioner.

    These may help get you started. They are large and free. Many of them, however, have subtle ads for Ancestry.com in them - ads that ask for a name, then offer a trial subscription. Watch out for those advertisements.


    (240,000+ links, all cross-indexed. If you want Welsh or Pennsylvania Dutch or Oregon or any other region, ethnic group or surname, chances are she has links for it.)


    (Mormon's mega-site. Click on "Search")


    (460,000,000+ entries, of varying quality)


    Surname meanings and origins


    My own site: "How to Begin"

    United States only:


    (Subdivided into state sites, which all have county sites.)

    (The Canadians have Canadian Gen Web, by province)


    (Social Security Death index - click on "Advanced" You may find your grandparents.)


    (US Phone book, for looking up distant cousins)

    United Kingdom Only:


    (Biggest site for United Kingdom & Ireland)


    (Free Birth, Marriage & Death Records)

    (If you posted your question in Genealogy, ignore this paragraph. If you posted it in the "Family" category, read on.)

    Tracing your family tree is called genealogy. YA has a category for genealogy,

    Home > Arts & Humanities > Genealogy

    There are hundreds of more links in the resolved answers there.


    You usually have to do some research. Sometimes you get lucky. Don't give up if your Great grandfather with your surname isn't there. Try all eight great-grandparents.

    You won't find living people on any of the sites except the phone book one. You won't find many people born after 1920 on any of the sites except the SSDI one. Genealogists hide the birth dates, birth places and other facts of living people to protect their privacy. You will have to find your grandparents' or great grandparents' birth dates and maiden names somewhere besides the Internet.

    The free sites are supported by advertising, just like TV. You can't watch the Super Bowl without seeing a beer commercial, and you can't surf for dead relatives without seeing an Ancestry advertisement. Many people complain about advertisements. Please don't. They bring you the "free" sites. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

    If you get serious you'll need a genealogy program. They are to family research what "Word" is to writing a novel. I like Roots Magic. Family Tree Maker is the market leader. Both cost around $29. The Mormons will let you download PAF for free. It is clunky, but it is free. You can sometimes find old versions of FTM or Family Origins (FO is the predecessor of RM) in bargin bins at CostCo.

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  • Jane
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    4 years ago

    My married name is also unusual; though the family hails from Mexico, the name is actually Basque (from a region between France and Spain). Since there is a family crest, I assume they were at least "landed" (had property), and I know the name did not appear before the 1600's. Other than that, it's all speculation. What specifically are you researching it for?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need names dates and places to get this info with any accuracy at all Try Rootsweb it is free also go to Cindyslist for many more try also USGENWEB Try this too:groups.yahoo.com/group/wolfefamilyroots - Good Luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    try www.houseofnames.com

    good luck

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