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How can I tell the type of guy that is perfect for me?

He doesn't have to BE perfect....we just have to fit well together. I like my space too. I have been dating all sorts of guys but they never fit the bill. Do you think I'm being too picky? Or maybe the right one just hasn't come along yet...?


I'm 22 :-)

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    the answer is dont worry about a thing!

    There is someone for everyone somewhere out there..ur is just lost and is tooo stuborn to ask for directions....u'll have to look for him! and when its perfect person...u'll know from ur feelings!

    Iam 23 engaged....i am from Sri Lanka,my fiance is from pakistan and guess what...WE MET IN INDIA!

    God has it all planned..his timing is perfect...his clock strikes on time.....never early nor late!

    Best of luck!

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    There's nothing wrong with being picky.

    In my humble opinion, the best guy to date would posess the following traits:

    - Be honest, decent and have goals in life.

    - Treat you like you deserve to be treated.

    - Respect you're opinion and independence.

    - be friends, love without friendship fades quickly.

    - be true to himself, this keeps things interesting.

    - Never hold you back from any goals, dreams, etc.

    Life is short, more often than not, ppl. waste time looking for someone so unlike themselves, they forget that having things in common is an essential ingredient needed for a successful relationship.

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    My suggestion would be to try to focus on who you are, and what your needs and wants are, and then try to find someone who compliments those. For example, if you're someone who likes their space, don't look for someone who is overly emotionally needy, but rather try and find someone who can live without being around you all the time. If on the other hand you're someone who loves romance and throws themselves into a relationship, look for someone who compliments those desires and shows them themselves.

    It's a complicated question, but the most important step is figuring out who you are and what you want.

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    How old are you?

    Start panicking if your a 30 year old woman and still dating guys who you don't really like. Then you know you're too picky.

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    I think you are slightly too picky, just slow down and really analyze the men you are going out with.

    You'll know the right one when you find him.

    Good Luck.

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    your looking to hard. quit looking for the "right guy". date around have fun. date all sorts of guys even ones who you dont think you will like. you will be surprised at which ones you like and dont like. i just quit lookin and then i met the most wonderful guy who i love very much now. i wasnt looking, love found me! just dont date a specific type, weigh out ALL the options even if u dont think you would like him, cuz my love is someone who i wouldnt of never thought i would like. he is smart, hott as hell and probably the sweetest guy i have EVER met. and usually i am attracted to the conceeded asshole types. just take you time, it will happen! as least it did with me!

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