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I just broke up with my boyfriend.And the reason he broke up with me is because he said he didnt want to date a brunette,that was 5'5,and weighed 125 pounds! Then he started sayin I was fat,and ugly,and a whore.Is he right about all this? I am 13.

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    Jessica, you are perfect just as you are. If he can't see that, then he's blind, or stupid, or whatever...but he's certainly someone you don't want to deal with. Honor yourself. You are your own best friend. Learn to love yourself, acknowledge yourself as the greatest and most wonderful person in the whole world. You really are. Anyone who can't see how great you are isn't worth spending time with. Get on with your life, you have many years ahead of you and many opportunities to be with new guys. I know it's hard to wait but they are just around the corner. Good luck, and remember, you're great.

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