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If Jesus was really Born on April 17, 6 bc?

Here I'll explain why & where I got that date from. It was on the discoery channel recently, however Reverend Finniss Dake made that claim in 1949..

Dec 25 is pagan which by now most of us have figured out.

the Magi sheep herders would have been herding in the spring, They most certianlty didnt walk allllllll the way from Syria into Jordan in 1 night (unless they borrowed santys sliegh).They arrived in Oct which would have been during the Festival Of Nisan which is why there was no room at the inn. The Star they saw earlier was the planet Jupiter Chopping off the Head of the Constillation Of the Ram (which would have been a very interesting sign in the Heavens to The Astrologer Maji in the Fields During the Time of King Herod. That bing said that would make today Dec 29 2111 and acording to the Myan Calander were all in deep doo doo in 3 days..........My question

Is that intresting????

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    Christmas was originally not based on Jesus' date of birth. It was based on The Catholic Church taking roll of their membership at a special mass. Why? To keep their members from participating in Pegan celebrations on December 25 th.

    Since those special sermons were about "Christ" , Dec 25th became known as Christ mass shortened to Christmas.

    smiles -- History Channel (almost every year)

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    Fascinating--and I like your screenname, after the goat headed god of the templars!

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    BC?? Don't think he could've been born Before Christ!

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    Whatever you want to say. That's your opinion.

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