What is the differents between the F/A 18C and A hornet?

I build Models and I just can not find anything different of the two. I'm told they is,but never told what it is. TY for your help

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    about plane models i don't know allot,but of the real one a bit,physical changes not so much but ther e are differences,here a brief disscription of between the two.

    These Hornets carry the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) and the infrared imaging Maverick air-to-ground missile. Two years later, the C/D models came with improved night attack capabilities. The new components included a navigation forward looking infrared (NAVFLIR) pod, a raster head-up display, night vision goggles, special cockpit lighting compatible with the night vision devices, a digital color moving map and an independent multipurpose color display.

    The Hornet has an intercept radius of over 400 miles without external fuel tanks. In the air-to-ground role, the F/A-18C can attack targets over 550 miles away and deliver conventional bombs, precision munitions, air-to-surface missiles, cluster weapons and rockets, up to a 17,000 pound total payload, with deadly accuracy. As a fighter, the Hornet can carry a mixed load of the most capable air-to-air missiles.

    The Center Barrel Replacement Plus [CBR+] effort replaces load sensitive structure with new structure, enabling the F/A-18 Hornets extended time in their strike fighter role until the new Super Hornet E/F models phase into fleet units.

    The "center barrel" is the crucial center part of the aircraft fuselage that supports the wings and landing gear. This part is being replaced for crash or hard landing damage sustained by aircraft in the rigorous environment of naval aviation operations. Soon, the replacement will be performed to extend the life of today's Hornets. In 1987, the technology to make this kind of repair didn't exist. A Hornet had made a hard landing on a carrier deck, causing damage to the center barrel area beyond anyone's capability to repair it. Until 1989, it looked like an aircraft with only 160 flight hours would end up being spare parts.

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    The F/A 18C is a type of hornet, pretty sure. I am 100% positive on cars, but pretty sure about aircraft. Due to what I know, the F/A 18C is a type of hornet as the name would be the F/A 18C Hornet.

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    externally there is no diffrence. the c model has more advanced avionics.. thats it.

    Source(s): f18 mechanic for 7 years.
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