How do i ask for a raise considering i am underpaid with educational background ?

have educational background(MBA,B.Com) and little under 1 year as experience .

its only 4 months into my new job in this company

My job is in BPO sector and persons who are dropouts get paid just as what the company pays me.

Can someone give me an honest answer?(even if its my boss)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    humility & politeness will go a long way . don't just burst into his office & say ' listen you facsist bully boy give me some more money or i'll go work somewhere else ' .

    at a quite time , make an appiontment to see him if it's that kind of office , try to pick a time when things are good & morale is up, explain your qualifications & your situation .

    if the answer is no , it might not be his doing , his hands maybe tied by award wage agreement or industrial relation agreement , but i'm sure if your open & honest

    (bosses really like that sorta thing ) you will gain his respect & he'll do what he can when he can

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