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My friend ask me to make her pregnant, what should i do?

She just got dumped and wanted me to make her pregant so that she can lie to her bf she's having his baby, and her bf will come back to her.

What should I do?

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    RUN!!!! Do you really want to get in the middle of this - and worse, put a child in the middle of this!!!

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    Getting a guy back isn't a good reason to have a baby.

    I mean do you like her, does she like you? She's obviously hooked on this other guy so you guys shouldn't even be considering this.

    She's obviously a pretty close friend though if she's asking you stuff like this so tread very carefully.

    Explain you side, that although you love her, you don't in that way (if you don't) and that she doesn't love you in the way she should to have a baby together - she should talk it out with her ex and maybe, when the time is right they could have enough love to have a baby together.

    Good Luck

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    Hell no, you shouldn't.

    That is a human being that is a part of you.

    Noone should have a child unless they are emotionally and financially able to take care of that child. And emotionally I can tell you both aren't.

    Besides who's saids the guy will come back to her anyway?

    The baby will be here no matter what, are you prepared to become a father? That baby will be yours to take care and a child deserves to be born out of love.

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    You need to RUN very fast and very far. Your friend is troubled in more ways than one. What will happen when he doesn't come back to her? Are you ready to be a Daddy and pay child support. Would you really want someone who is so poor at making decesions being the Mother of you child?

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    In other words, you've been asked to create a human life solely to be used to obtain revenge by way of deceit. That's not quite as evil as murder, but it sure isn't good. How is the BF going to react if he finds out he's been lied to? How is the kid going to feel, assuming she doesn't simply abort it once its purpose has been served?

    I suggest you let her deal with her own relationship problems and do not be party to deceit, especially deceit which uses a helpless unborn child as a pawn. If she has to use lies to bring him back, it isn't much of a relationship.

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    Please do not bring an innocent baby into this confusing situation! Tell your friend that she is crazy and a baby will not make her bf come back to her!!! Plus, when they do a paternity test on the will be responsible for child support!!!

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    If you do then he may ask for a pregnancy test. Then she will want you to help with this baby.You can't just make someone pregnant to get back at them or stay with them.A baby is a big responsibility.

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    Ummm -- don't do it? That's the most immature ... whatever... She's nuts for even thinking of doing that. I'd tell her ex boyfriend about her plan and say "f*** you" to a girl that messed up. You don't want to be friends with somebody THAT manipulative. Them there are some dangerous waters.

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    uh no. cuz eventually she will get mad at him and be like "its not even your baby" and if you live in a no tolerance state, you will end up dishing out child support for however long she is going to go on this little deceptive kick of hers...and on top of that....what she is doing is so horribly wrong, i wouldnt support it in the least bit. if she wants to get knocked up that bad, im sure she will, and then you wont have to be involved.

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    Don't help her out that's not fair for the little Bub!

    it deserves a happy life with a mum & dad & a stable mother & the way she is talking she doesn't sound very stable to me! :)

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    RUN!!! Run as fast as you can!!! You will end up in the middle of all that drama. Plus, you will have to pay child support until that child is at least 18!!!

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