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My friend hasn't eaten much in like 4 days. She's not hungry. What should she do?

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    She may be depressed, anxious, etc... Try talking to find out what is going on in her life. Sudden changes in eating habits could be a sign of many things from sexual abuse to depression, or she may just saw the "mirror" and got scared.

    Talk to her...friend.

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    Make her eat soup and crackers (no joke)--they help the appetite. Don't let her eat anything heavy until she has an appetite. If that doesn't work, then make her see a doctor...she might need a feeding tube and some medical attention. This is a serious matter though...You're a really caring friend! keep that up!

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    if her weight has fallen, she might have anorexia. have her checked. she might need an NGT for nutritional rehab. start on Ensure.

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    see the gp , find out if she has depression / anxiety / anorexia issues

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    Well... smokin marijuiana does help a person's appetite.

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    take her crack pipe away!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    is she "on drugs"?

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