why do people feel awkward when some ones stares at them?

continously believe me i do that with women comment

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's a violation of privacy. Even if your out in public where everybody can see you, it's understood that you don't violate any one's privacy more than you have to. Obviously you have to glance at them occasionally to be aware of your surroundings. Beyond that, it becomes threatening. You would then be gathering too much information ( by closely watching a person's mannerisms ) about someone. It's like your analyzing every move they make. It's even threatening when you put someone "under a microscope" that you have known for a while.

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    It's possible it's biological.

    Animals often take a direct stare as a physical threat; avoiding an animal's gaze by lowering your eyes is an implicit submission.

    We may have retained some part of that, though the end result varies from culture to culture; in American society, meeting eyes is often a sign of respect. In other cultures, it is highly disrespectful to stare.

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