Is eating feces healthy?

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    No it isn't healthy to eat feces. Alot of animals do it, but it is usually because they are not getting enough in their diet. But for humans, it is really not a good thing. There is a thing they call Pica, in which young children will eat their feces. Also mentally ill people. If you would like more info on this, here is a link:

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    Not for humans!

    However, some animals, like rabbits, have 2 types of feces, one of which is ingested a second time around to get all the nutrients out. Bottom-dwelling fish, like some species of catfish regularly consume feces of other fish as part of their normal diet. Or, while dogs will eat feces of other animals, it's not good for them (can spread disease) and they don't get any nutritional benefits either.

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    No it is not wholesome. Fecal rely incorporates an excellent sort of micro organism that oftentimes stay interior the colon. interior the colon, they don't do lots injury as a results of fact the pollution they produce are oftentimes pushed out. The colon additionally has a extreme concentration of your immune equipment to maintain them from overpopulating and killing you. via ingesting the feces, you're ingesting those micro organism and putting super numbers of them in components of your physique that would not be waiting to filter out all of their pollution out. you will get very ill in case you consume them. and that's basically human feces. Animal feces oftentimes have a plethora of parasites laced in as a results of fact they don't get photos for that.

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    Just use the scoop like the rest of your neighbors.

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    ew no. it's quite the opposite. you could get very bad diseases that are fatal (ie ecoli).

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    nothing wrong with recycling

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    No, it can have alot of bacteria and e-coli and stuff.

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    no, im pretty sure you could give your self cholera that way

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    does "e. coli" ring a bell?

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