Why do people get offended by racial jokes?

I was looking at the threads the ther day. I noticed someone asked why black women have such bad attitudes. Yesterday I asked my friend (who is black) what he thought about that question that I saw on here.

Surprisingly enough, he got upset about it. I don't like when people get upset about stuff like that. I am a pretty free minded guy, and I always like a good white joke, if you have one. SO< my question is, whats the problem?

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    people think they have a right not to be offended. in a place where freedom of speech is the law of the land, they dont.

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    I think it depends on the person who is telling the joke, how it's told, and how it's understood by the person hearing the joke.

    It's a very "iffy" line, we can definitely cross if we are not careful. Especially if you're of a different race, than who the racial joke makes jest of.

    Sorry, their are just to many sentiments running between races to make it an easy thing. Even more so, if the one making the joke is White. I know it sounds really unfair, because most White people get made fun of by the other races, but it's a reality. (I didn't say I agreed with it).

    On the up side, I think a lot of people have relaxed a bit. We get the point that a lot of the jokes, are just that, jokes. Without "hate" riding along with the punchline.

    Either way, I would advice you to be careful about crossing the line, and not joke with you're friend anymore.

    God bless you.

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    I realize what you're asking, but you're asking it all wrong. Luckily some people are getting what you're saying (like dashes and supermonkey).. Anyway, it would be one thing if you showed your black friend a JOKE regarding black people, what you showed him was just some random racist comment. "Why do black women have such bad attitudes?" is not a joke at all, it's not even more true than "why do white women have such bad attitudes?"

    If my black friend brought that up to me and said Ha ha, listen to this joke I read, "Why do white women have such bad attitudes? What do you think about that?" I would just be like, "that's just racist and not funny." Try putting yourself in other peoples shoes, and when you do, be realistic about it and be able to admit it if you're the one who's wrong.

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    I agree.

    I dont think race should ever be use in a specifically offensive manner but I also dont think people should be so offended by the color of their own skin. Its something you cant change and if people are ignorant enough to think thats a bad thing then it is their own problem.

    However, if you cant be open minded about yourself, joke about your own culture, or answer questions to people who are genuinely curious then maybe you should paint yourself a different color altogether.

    I believe that racism is not only kept alive in the hearts of people who use it offensively but also by the people who are offended by their own skin color (white, black, brown, purple, green, whatever).

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    without even reading the other reponses the problem is that you told ur friend about some racial hatred on yahoo questions. which didnt occur. and if it did then you need not to go and 'discuss it' with your friend/s. if i was him i would have got p*ssed too. my idiot friend asking me if i would be upset by someone going around abusing ppl unfounded. racial directed or not. abuse is not funny.

    unless its a funny joke.

    which you quite clearly could be.


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    most people think they are in a huge life drama. You give them an excuse to act. When you don't react you are living out your own mini series. So in other words "all the worlds a stage....etc

  • "Everyone's a little bit rascist sometimes.

    Doesn't mean we go around committing hate crimes.

    Look around and you will find

    No one's really colorblind.

    Maybe it's a fact we all should face

    Everyone makes judgements, based on race.

    Everyone's a little bit rascist today.

    So everyone's a little bit rascist... okay.

    Ethnic jokes might be uncouth,

    but you laugh because they're based on truth.

    Don't take them as personal attacks.

    Everyone enjoys them, so relax!"

    Source(s): Avenue Q
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    Making jokes about whites is different than making jokes about blacks, because whites are higher in status than blacks in the social hierarchy. Making a joke doesn't hurt the status of whites. But making a joke about blacks simply reminds people that they have lower status in our society. It hits too close to home. I think that's why.

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    I agree with drshorty.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some people are very thin skinned...........................................

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