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Your thoughts on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

I was looking at a 2000 white Chevy Blazer 4x4 with around 75,000 miles on it. And has the 4.3 Vortec V6 I think as well. Looks pretty clean from what I seen. Any real tips and/or input would be great. So that I may by this SUV or not.


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    And this is "politics" why?

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    Running out of fuel or to very low fuel is not very good for the fuel pump or the filter because the suction will be picking up all kinds of junk from the bottom of the tank. Since the pump was replaced recently, maybe the fuel gage is wrong and you have been running out of gas. Add some "Sea Foam" to the fuel tank and fill it up, (read the instructions on the can). Replace the fuel filter, then refuel when you get to 1/2 tank for at least the next 1000 miles. I suggest you never let the fuel get to less than 1/4 tank, just in case the gage is wrong. Good luck

  • Blazers are the most unstable SUVs that I have ever driven.

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    Blazer's were pretty good long as you don't travel too much I think that would be a great car!

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    Blazers are good vehicles except that they take alot of gas.

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    Don't buy it!!! That car is very old and is an American Car. I would suggest getting a newer European car. :)

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    at least they are made in America...for now!

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