what is the approximate fees of Massachusetts institute of technology in Boston per year?

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    These are the figures for the 2006-2007 year

    Tuition $33,600

    Typical Room and board $9600

    Book and Personal Expenses $2800

    Total $46,350

    I will tell you from my own experience as a former college student and as a former grad. assistant in a financial aid office college tend to low ball number like "Books and Personal Expenses" which can be much higher primarily dependent on how far you live away from home and the idea of a "typical room in board" is an odd way of putting that figure so I would assume the number if often higher than that. I would also assume that they will be raising tuition cost for 2007-2008 so the minimum you will probably have to pay is more like $50,000 to attend the school in 2007-2008 if you are luck. I am not saying that you should go - but just keep that in mind - I also didn't like the fact that the schools website did not actually make it easy to find out the costs of an education at their school. That smakes of a little dishonesty on their part. However, that said you aren't going to find a much better school based on reputation in the United States (then again you could save some money and go to other schools with nearly the same reputation for less - that choice is yours).

    Good Luck!!!

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    Scholarships & Financial Aid

    Out-of-State Tuition: $33,400

    Undergraduate receiving need-based financial aid: 62%

    Average freshman total need-based gift aid: $27,516

    Direct Lender: Yes

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    Find more details at

    1. web.mit.edu/gsc/www/programs


    2. en.wikipedia.org/wiki


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    Here's their website. You can go from there...


    Source(s): http://mit.edu/
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