how does tucking tummy works out isit a operation?

or just done with medication

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    1 decade ago
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    it is a surgery where they are going to cut out the fat and extra skin out of the abdomen and then put stitches for it to heal.

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    A "tummy tuck" (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure.

    The surgeon cuts you from hip to hip and up to the belly button. Then he/she undermines the tissue up to your breastbone so it is not stuck to the tissue underneath. They then tighten up the fascia (tough layer that holds your guts in) by sewing pleats in it. The big loose flap of overlying skin is pulled down and the excess cut off the bottom. At this point, the belly button is down by the pubic area, so a new belly button is made at the right spot. Then the incisions (about 2 feet long) are closed.

    The procedure takes 3-5 hours to do (depending on your size and the surgeon's speed) and is a major operation. You'll need overnight nursing care for the first night, and about 4 weeks to really recover.

    Hope that gives you a clear picture of what a "tummy tuck" is.

    Source(s): I anesthetize patients for this procedure all the time.
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    4 years ago

    Tummy tucks and liposuction are actually not procedures of weightloss, so in case you in basic terms might desire to shed pounds, no - a tummy tuck is a foul concept. the two tummy tucks and liposuction of particular factors are designed to "remold" your physique. A tummy tuck (which I had completed over a week in the past) is optimal for people who've loss extremely some weight and/or have had many pregnancies or distinctive beginning pregnancies (like my twin being pregnant) because of the fact our bodies / dermis HAVE thoroughly LOSS THEIR ELASTICITY and can't bypass back to their generic visual allure. extremely some human beings think of all and sundry can merely shed pounds and characteristic large finding bodies merely with the aid of foodstuff regimen and workout on my own. it is merely no longer real whilst your physique has been stretched previous restore. MY advice: bypass confer with a plastic wellness care provider....they provides you with an common answer and inform you if a tummy tuck is what you like. (they are able to tell how the fat is located on your abdomen and no count if foodstuff regimen and workout will help you or no longer.) they gained't propose AN pointless TUMMY TUCK....yet they might say liposuction is an determination. and that i might say NO to is an costly way of dropping some weight. have you ever tried Weight Watchers? they are relatively uncomplicated to maintain on with...

  • Anonymous
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    it is neither an operation nor any medication its just application of a seasoned oil,massage and plaster applied to yuur tummy and left for an hour

    5 sitting of one hour each would gradullay help u reduce ur tummy by inch loss

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    1 decade ago

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    It's a major abdominal operation. They basically cut off a piece of your stomach and sew it back together. Look it up on Yahoo and click images.

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    Im a medical assistant so i read over the site. its all correct info. hope it helps.

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    Google "abdominoplasty".


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