How to remove food stuck in my throat?

I can still breathe , so its not restrictnig my airway. But I cant swallow anything. I tried to gag myself & coughing but nothing happens. This has been happening to me my whole life. Im a non smoker, average sized & 23yrs old. I can put water down my throat but it just comes right back up, because the food is blocking it from going down. Know of any meds that are know for opening the esophagus? Oh, and im not going to the emergency room. I went there once and ending paying 2k , when it ended up passing on its own almost 12 hours later.

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    Did the ER give you any reason as to why this was happening? Okay probably stupid question if its anything like our ER HA...

    Would it be possible that you have acid reflux? gastroesophageal reflux disease Thrush can also cause you to have a feeling of food getting stuck in the throat but if you are having water come back up it should not be that...which leads me back to the reflux...does it happen when you eat the same thing??? Any other symptoms such as bloating or nausea??

    I have also attached a site that may help you regarding the dysphagia.

    I wish I knew something to tell you as I cannot imagine that feeling. I hope it passes soon...Does chewing on a piece of ice help??? Bless your heart

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    Eating potato wedges for dinner a small bit has got stuck In the throat can I gargle coca cola to dissolve it?

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    probably achalasia. try to go to a specialist, a gastroenterologist, might need a barium study.

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