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Which road do I take: love or career?

So I am a senior in high school in the midst of applying to colleges and looking at my future. Before winter break, I knew that I would leave this island for college and live through a new experience. However, this break has made me doubt my decision, since I've been falling ever so deeply in love with my boyfriend of 1 year. He wants me to go to the state college, a decent school but somewhat looked down upon by those at my private school. The majority of people from my school leave for the mainland and quite frankly, that seems to lead to more successful careers in the long run. I also do not want my parents' effort for my education to go to waste, so I am tempted to leave. At the same time, it's becoming harder for me to imagine life without my boyfriend, someone I want to marry later on. What should I do?

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    ...CAREER first, You can get a Love life later even better than you would now. Since you would be grown and settled and mature after your career is on track. !!!!!!

    Good Luck and happy hunter.

    Happy New Year.

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    If you 2 are truly in love and it is meant to be then it won't matter if you leave to go away to school, things should work out for the 2 of you anyway. At this point in your life I would highly recommend thinking about yourself and your future first. If he is the right guy for you, he will be behind you 100% on your decision, even if it means having a long distance relationship. So many things change once you are out of high school and really start living the real life. You deserve an opportunity to get the best education you can and that's something you will never regret later on in life. If you don't like being away you can always transfer to a local college after your first year. Don't ever let anyone hold you back from accomplishing your goals. True love will find a matter what the challenge. Good luck!

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    A good education is so important and will make a difference in the life you will live in the future. Although there is definitely nothing wrong with attending a state college, and you certainly could have a fine, high paying career having attented a state college, you shouldn't let your wanting to stay with your boyfriend, be the reason for choosing the state college over leaving for the mainland to attend school there. If you truly love one another, your separation will only serve to make your hearts grow fonder for each other, and if not, it's a good way to find out. Just don't make any snap decisions. Try writing down all the pros and cons of attending a state college versus the other college, and use your common sense when making a decision. Good luck to you!

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    A lot of changes happen while in college. If you leave your boyfriend behind and go to school on the mainland, chances are he'll get lonely and find someone else. Long distance relationships are tough and most don't work out.

    A college education is one of the biggest important moves you can make in your life. I say still be his girlfriend and go to the mainland for college. If you two are truly meant for each other, you can make it work. If he starts to stray, then it wasn't meant at all. If all fails, you can remain friends and see if you can rekindle your love after you've graduated college.

    Him asking you to go to school on the island is what HE wants. Not what YOU want. Follow your heart and it will lead you in the right direction.

    Good luck!

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    My advice would be for you to stay in school. Real love will wait. If you don't get your education, you may end up like the majority of women with no skills other than mother-hood. Mother-hood is wonderful but if for some reason you found yourself a widow or a divorcee, how would you care for your children? It can be done, but it's harder on you and the children left behind.

    Another thing... getting married young isn't such a good idea as you haven't been out on your own and you don't realize now that you are still forming into adulthood. You may change in a way, or he may change in a way that is unbearable to live with. Sometimes love can still be there, but it takes a lot of work to work things out. Most young couples give up.

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    It matters on that connection. You have to look ahead and not in the past and see your self 20 years from now or what ever amount. You got to ask yourself " is this the path that I'll choose"?

    If you feel that your boyfriend or love can support you then take the chance to your career or if your boyfriend is lazy and there isn't any connection go for the career and college. It matters because you and your love need to be on the dame level in order for you to move on. I'd say career and college if you have a dream of becoming something and making money, but love if he can support you and you have been through a lot, thick and thin.

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    A good education is a natural basis for a good life ahead. If you do not have a good education, you would naturally lose out on the LONG RUN.

    Speak with your bf and put up the point as if he were in such a situation and let him respond the way he feels about it.

    I am sure he too can get accommodated in the mainland along with you if not now, at a later point in time.

    The main aim is to bring lasting joy to yourself. So make a choice with a clear mind. Best of luck.

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    An education is very important. Once you have that, no one can take that away from you. You can't say the same with love. You may love him right now, but the future is so unpredictable. Maybe you will marry him in the future and have kids. Then maybe one day he leaves you for another girl.

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    Hi tacochan

    u really sound brave!and i quote your words,

    1..........and looking at my future-go for career becouse u atleast have a reason why ur are going for it!

    2..........wants me to go to the state college-he will not leave becouse as well he is looking at your vision!

    3. ............also do not want my parents' effort for my education to go to waste-pls go for career ''LOVE NEVER AGES''

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    Seriously, seriously think about what you want to do and what would make you happy.

    You need to talk to him as well, and you both need to talk this over.

    In the end do what your heart tells you to.

    Good Luck

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