is RETAIL a dying business?

the e-commerce is developing at an amazingly speed,will it finally replace the brick-and-motar retail stores?

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    If you look at 7-11, do you think its dying? Obviously not, right? But of course, I do not deny the fast development of e-commence in today society.

    For traditional retailing like 7-11, its because they have a proven success marketing system, that's why they are so successful.

    Most importantly is the way you market your products that counts. But we also should not overlook the power of technology.

    So consider internet retailing then. I am also doing it right now at home. Its FANTASTIC!

    We can discuss on this if you are keen.

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK to you!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Absolutely not. Most of the successful "e-commerce" being done online today is an extension of retail consumerism. Even a great number of blogs and other alternative marketing ploys are all driven by the retail industry. I would say it is growing and rolling, hardly dying.

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    no, however the way companies are retailing their products to their customers is changing. There will always be people who shop at Wal-Mart and from stores at the mall.

    But there is a growing market of people who choose to shop from their home, through the internet and through mail-order catalogues. Even direct selling companies such as Avon, Regal, and Tupperware are gaining more popularity. Some people enjoy the personalized customer attention they receive from their sales representative and enjoy the convienence of their products being delivered to their home or workplace.

    I think there's more options for people who want to shop for their products.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes, to be sure. Also the booming construction of malls and big deparment stores will attract more costumers. It has something to do with advertisement that only the wealthy could afford to finance.

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    no, in india 200 sez are coming in existence in next 2 years

  • Dr Dee
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