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Turn off?!?!!?

Guys, if a college female doesn't like to drink but still likes to have a good time is that a turn off? What about if she is saving herself for marriage?? Would you view her as a prude or would you respect her decision?

I am just curious, because it seems like most guys like the wild party type...

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    Men of college age like the wild party type but do not respect them. You would be considered a prude (no offense, not a bad thing) with this age group. The mentality is "would you buy a car before test driving it?" Even still look at how long the average a person keeps a car...a few years maybe? Give it some time time you'll find the guy you need to be with. We're not all alcoholic horny scumbags. BTW sorry I'm married j/k lol

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    You don't have to drink to have a good time. Not everyone drinks!

    If a guy views it as a turn-off, then it's obvious he's only after one thing. To get laid.

    And for saving herself for marriage, that is something admirable. Once you lose your virginity, it's gone forever. Trust me, I know! I'm one of those people who said "I'm saving it for marriage", but one day when I was 23 I got drunk and didn't care and I lost it. Now I'm 27 and still regretting it.

    Most guys like the wild party type, but you can still be that type and still follow what you believe.

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    I prefer the waiting non drinking type, I guess thats why it took me 8 years to find someone to date. I was 13 the last time I dated someone. The wait was completely worth it, My beautiful girlfriend is a great friend, yeah we have our differences but are able to look past them, in whom I can trust and feel completely loved. If you go for the "party" time you will be waiting a long time for someone who wants any kind of comittement. And when a girl wants to save herself for marriage I think that is the most attractive thing a girl can do, not to say that becuase I want to be the guy that talks her out of it, but becuase I have alot more respect for her because of it.

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    Most guys like the "wild party types" because they get drunk and put out ... theres no respect involved at all ... it's all about getting laid

    You be you and don't drink and save yourself for marriage ... the lucky fella you do finally fall in love with will really be a lucky guy

    Good Luck :)

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    It depends on the type of guy you are hanging out with. Guys who like to party will like the party type. Those who are conservative will like your type. Not drinking doesn't mean that's a turn off. Jerks will think otherwise, but the nice guys will respect that. I tried to keep my virginity till marriage as well, but I fell for this girl while in college. hahahahaha

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    well.. if you dont wanna drink.. why would go to a party in the first place? just understand your environment that's all.. and people around you.. not all guys are party animals thats too general way to judge people.. some are decent and they have same views as you (excluding me!) but any ways.. if you dont like to drink and you like to save yourself.. you should be at places and around people who have same views about life maybe you can meet a guy with lot in common with you.

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    they like the wild party type till it is time to settle down... then they can think a bit clearly and see the true qualities that you just described...

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    The drinking part does not bother me. I would respect that and even the saving yourself. I never understood tghe saving yourself though. Why would you go out and buy a new car without even sitting in it or test driving it. But thats just me.

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    guys like the wild ones, but marry the good ones

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