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Why does my cat smell my armpits?

So my cat (Lucy) seems infatuated with my smell. She likes to sniff and sometimes lick my armpits. She has also stolen my boxers from the laundry and rolls around in them. Is it a pheramone thing or what? She doesn't do this to anybody else.

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    Hi there...Lucy is attracted your body scent and anything associated to it, because it reminds her of you. Some cats are naturally drawn to their favourite people by taking in the odours by sniffing and sometime licking as bad as that may appear. In a sense it is pheromone related--your pheromones she loves.

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    Sniffing Armpits

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    Sorry, im not sure what pheramone means but i can tell you my cat, BabyJill does the same. You're her owner, by human individual natural smell (not the bad smell) is how cats recognizes their owners.Plus, sometimes when you're not home or not around, they will find a place that connects to our human smells like on the beds, pillows, laundry etc just to feel safe and secure. When a cat liking your smell, means she loves ya. Your cat loves you more than other people in the house for sure.

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    your her owner. her master. she likes you. alot! kinda how if you are infatuated with a guy/girl, and theres a perfume or cologne they wear, u like it ALOT [usually hahaha] and the smell reminds of of them. your cat probably goes and sleeps on your boxers. try sleeping in a shirt for a few days, and giving it to your cat .lol. my cat used to do the same thing, and steal my bra and underwear[ugh! SO ANNOYING!] so i did the shirt trick, and shes happy with it and i have all of my under garments! =D

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    Sounds like your cat likes you. Lol. My cat licks my armpits sometimes(my male cat). How did she "steal" boxers? Sounds like she also has a mind of her own.

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    Oh sha bebe! Sounds like she really luvs ya! Animals know u by ya scent & she oviously feels comftable around ya. She can smell ya scent on ya boxas, & she's proply tryin ta claem u as ha teritory by puten her scent on em. Sounds like ya scent comfots ha. It's pufectly nomal fa any animal!

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    my cat does that too. To my husbands shoes and pants. he puts his two front paws in one of my husbands shoes and just hangs out or when he leaves his pants laying some were. my cat will get into them and sleep for hours. he's a Lil' odd but i luv him anyways.

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    hehe...that's so cute...i have no idea why but mine loves to put its head in my sneakers. and love to snuggle under my armpit as well....i think its the owner's natural smell they love. cuz when i put on some perfume, she wont snuggle that long.

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