Why can't they people understand African Americans? (venting)?

African Americans are not looking or a handout, we just want an equal chance to suceed. It's not that we blame all of our problems on whites, for transgressions commited in the past. But when we "complain" about racism, we are speaking of it as it existed in colonial times, and continued into the present. The disadvantages of past generations are usually past on to the present generation. I have been lucky. I was one of those "bused" children who went to a suburban school. I was able to get a scholarship and recently graduated from college. But my brothers and sister were not blessed with the same opportunities. However, they have still managed to live the American Dream, working themselves into the middle class, and moving into a nice home in a good neighborhood. They understand that being African American simply means a person has to work harder. But why can't people understand that the system isn't made for everyone to suceed?

My little story will be continued...


Just because some of us are able to suceed, it doesn't mean others should be blamed because they didn't. Each person has a unique set of circumstances. We should instead look at WHY some succed, while others don't.

I feel if African Americans were simply given a fair chance, most would be able to suceed. We can start with public schools. When schools were desegregated, whites began to move out of the city. Pretty soon, most whites lived in the suburbs, with superiot schools, and most blacks lived in the inner city with inferior schools. Whyt did white people run away from us? The schools are not equal, if they were, we wouldn't have high unemployment rates among black men. If we had an equal education, in a generation, we wouldn't need welfare. The black community needs help getting on its feet, not a handout. We wouldn't go around "complaining about slavery" if we had a fair chance in life. There needs to be something to level the playing field.


Update 2:

We are not living in the past s p. I am talking about, for instance, the present situation of segregated schools. It is hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you are given an inferior education.

I think I speak for all African Americans when I say white people will never have to hear from us again, if we were simply given a hand up. If Black schools were just as good as white ones, we wouldn't want to move into your neighborhoods and go to your schools. If we had a hand up, in a generation, we wouldn't need Afirmative Action in order to work with you, because we will have our own businesses. In other words, the African American community can be completly self-sufficient.

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    Whoa to the guy who said we aren't african-americans...UNTIL WE GET EQUAL F*CKIN treatment we will never be fully americans...AND #1 white people were the ones who coined this term to us...i AGREE WITH YOU 100% on this question you asked...and quite frankly i am outraged with some of the answers... ALL I SEE is get a job...well if we had the same damn PRIVILEGES as white people and white people never started these beliefs then we wouldn't be in this predicament. LETS THINK ABOUT THIS...WHEN THE SLAVES WERE PICKING YOUR ANCESTORS COTTON...who was working harder? the slaves...we have been for hundreds of years and we are making little to no progress!!! IM ANGRY SO IM GOING TO GO BREATHE!!

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    I think one of the biggest problems with this situation is that there is no information being brought to people who may not be aware of the opportunities that are out there. Its really sad because now is the time to go to school, or back to school, because there are so many government and private resources available in order to get an education. Whether its going to a Jr. College for and AA degree, or to a University for a Bachelors. With many of the California Universities having low enrollment, it is a bit easier to be accepted. You are almost guaranteed admission to a 4 year college once you have completed your general education at a junior college, as long as your grades are 2.5 minimum. Almost all of these Jr. Colleges have agreements with the universities to guarantee transfer, once the required courses are completed. And if you come from a lower income family, you can qualify for more than $3000 per year in grants, and more with scholarships, PLUS you can borrow up to almost $4500 in loans, and get tuition free on top of that. Couple that with work study, and a part time job, you can totally go to college. If you're willing to room with a roommate you can make it happen. BUT the problem is people aren't aware of this...so the education needs to start in the High Schools and even Jr. High schools where kids are least likely to go on to college. We need to educate our kids so they can get educated...thats the only way.

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    You may believe what you wrote, and you may live this life you tell us about; but for you to speak in the name of American Blacks is a bunch of krap. As is using African American. You, I assume are an American? Have you or any of your living relatives ever lived in Africa?

    You are lucky I agree, but open your eyes, the rest of us do NOT believe the lies you are spouting. Racism is alive and well in the Black community as well, and to deny that is a lie and a total fabrication. Percentage-wise Black get more giveaways than any other group; it costs more for police and fire protection in Black neighborhoods, Black people are victims of Black crime at a shocking rate higher than crime perpetrated by any other group upon any other group.

    Do you use Ebonics? Literally that is one reason Blacks "aren't understood" they can't express themselves (that is a vast generalization, sorry) using Ebonics and yet many stand by every crazy idea the leaders come up with.

    You are smart and educated, it seems, don't be taken in by lies. Tell your "people" what it takes for them to fit in, NOT what is expected to be given freely by others to let them slide by.

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    Okay now listen boy. Truth is, ya lie. 1st of all, too many of you negroes ARE still looking for a handout & too many of you people DO still blame most of your problems on the white man for transgressions in the past we had nothing to do with. I put my 30 yrs in @ a auto components facility for GM [union] & I was ill witnessing for so long how much LAZINESS the negroes sustained. They always cried 'race' too boy. They abused their rights in belonging to our local bargaining unit too. Don't try to gloss it over boy. TRUTH BE TOLD.

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    dude, the system isnt fair to a lot of people, including us white folks.. dont get me wrong, black folks have had to overcome a lot, but please admit a lot has changed..put it like this... if it were up to me, slavery NEVER would have happened...why i saying this? because for one, im adopted, never meet my birthfamily..even if i had, i still am too far down the line to have ever had slave owners in my family...so, it sucks what happened,but are you gonna live in the past or future?your kids know nothing of slavery, other than hstory... thats a good thing, they will NEVER experience it, no more than a white guy will.but all im saying is you can live in the past or the future.. im not saying disregard history, for we must learn from it...

    im white, i didnt doi it, in fact had it been up to me it never would have happened...can we please move on? again, im not discounting the perils they faced....

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