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Does logical thinking and common sense are the same?

Why is that some people called me dumb, because I lack so much common sense. But I am always the highest at math and computer...does there anything to do to increase my common sense?

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    Logical thinking is when you are smart or you are thinking of something that can become real.Comme Sense is when you think before you act.

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    Book smarts and common sense are two very different things. It is rare to find someone with both.

    The big difference in the two is, a person with common sense usually has a very good imagination and can picture a situation in his head and find an answer that way. Inventors usually have a lot of common sense.

    A person with book smarts has a limited imagination but can apply information he has learnt from studying to a problem and fix it that way. Most doctors are book smart.

    To increase your common sense, you would have to increase your imagination. Try playing Chess. With every move ask your self, if I move here, then he could move... Study the possibilities of the next move. Then apply that to your life. If I do this, then what will happen next? If it doesn't happen the way you thought it would, ask yourself why and learn from it.

    To have common sense you have to learn from life, not a book.

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    I do not think logical thinking is the word you are looking for. I believe it is book smart. Just because you know a lot about a certain subject doesn't mean that you will have a lot of common sense. Common sense is achieved by life experience. The more things you experience, the more things you will know about life and all the intricacies of life. If all you do is read books and study for tests, you will not have the knowledge to operate a television (example). So i do not think you are dumb. You just haven't experience much of life yet. Do not worry... you will get there. Good luck!

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    I am going to disagree with all these people and say that logical thinking is the same as common sense. Common sense will tell you that if you jump off a bridge, you will be hurt. Logic would tell you that if you just saw the steel pipe go red, its going to be hot. Common sense would tell you that too. Book smarts and math is different from common sense. I think people who are calling you dumb are being mean and you shouldnt listen to them. Unless you go around jumping off buildings, stepping in front of fast moving cars and touching red hot fire pokers, you do have common sense.

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    Common sense is a sense developed by common people from experiences that most people experience.

    Logical thinkers develop an affinity for logically deducing a multitude of problems. While logical thinkers are much more versatile when it comes to actually solving problems, there are a very select number of problems which are not logical and need to be experienced.

    As long as you have a desire to learn you will. You asked an excellent question, good luck to you.

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    You'll probably gain some just from aging and having experiences. Overall though, nope. The thing to remember is that each of us has a strength. Yours is math and computers. Utilize that knowledge, work yourself into a group of like minded folks and don't worry about what you don't have. I have been told I have excellent common sense but I can't work a math problem to save my life. A man has to know his limitations and work within them. Good luck to you.

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    No, not at all. It is a known fact that most people who think logically do not have any common sense.

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    no logic and common sense are different. common sense is the most basic version of logic, like what little kids know, if i stick this in my mouth, it will hurt. logic is a broad application, more common in more developed humans (brain maturity). logic is basically "if then, what." meaning if i take this action, the reprocussions or/and gains are what.

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    Maybe you should invent a computer to increase your common sense.

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    If you rely on common sense you will never think for yourself nor explore and experience the world. They call it "common" because it is so common. If you want to be a sheep looking for a shepherd (as the Bible suggests you do) then accept the common route. If you want to belong to the special group that think for themself, dress for themself and transcend the sheep then welcome to a special world where you are loved for what you truly are. We are looking for you. Please step in and be one of us. It is tough being centered in oneself sometimes and we need your support.

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