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Proactive is drying my skin should I..........................?

ok so proactive is drying my skin out it is looking practically dead by now i don't want to put other creams on because of the fact it might cause blemishes..... i also don't want to stop using it cause some blemishes might pop up i still have some blemishes here and there it has helped but now My skin looks dead dry....... =(

should i stop using the toner and only use step 1 and 3. I'm being to worryyyy because i have a party for news day and i'm going to look bad some body HELP! please =(

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    My daughter was using proactive. She arrived here about a week before Christmas, still had zits. She's beenusing it for months and it's drying out her skin too.

    I bought her a set of ARbonne's "Intelligence" skin care system for CHristmas. Four days later, her skin is clear, and not dried out!

    All of Arbonne's products are botanically based, and are beneficial to your skin. You would absolutely love it if you tried it.

    If you want a 5 day sample pack I could mail you one for free. It's a 5 step system.

    1. cleanser

    2. THermal fusion mask (use twice a week)

    3. toner

    4. eye cream

    5. moisturizer.

    It can be purchased as a set or individually. clik my profile formore info and e-mail.

    I'd be more than happy to let you try before you buy. In the meantime...research the product some on the website.

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    Wow I had the SAME problem!! I bought proactive beleiving that it would clear my skin. I figured that if they have Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and even P Diddy in the commercial it should definitely work. Well it worked well in the beginning but then my skin became extremely dry. It started getting flaky and I even saw some wrinkles around my mouth! I tried using the moisturizer but that barely worked, plus it made me break out. Finally, I made the decision to stop using it for a week to see how my skin would become. I used regular soap to wash my face once in the morning and once at night. In a few days my skin was back to normal, so I started using Proactive again. About 2 weeks later, my skin dried up again and the whole cycle continued. I finally decided to stop using Proactive once and for all. Now I use neutrogena extra-gentle cleanser to clean my face in the morning and at night and my skin as never looked better! I suggest you stop using Proactive because it is too harsh on the skin and it will gradually ruin your skin. Take this advice from somebody who has experienced this first hand and you will not regret it. Good Luck!

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    Aveda's outer peace skin care line tested better in independent testing than proactive, and it is much less drying. i would switch to that. it is plant and flower derived, it's active ingredient salicylic acid comes from wintergreen, not a manufactured chemical, and it is better for the environment. (contains many certified organic products and is made of sustainable plants...)

    never stop using a toner! if you insist on using proactive (even tho outer peace is better!!!) use step 3 only on blackouts. do not put on whole face, the highest concentration of salicylic acid is in the mask and it is a drying agent.

    For new years day... add a light gel based moisturizer, and use a oil free base make up... don't use a scrub, (can transfer bacteria from existing blemishes to other areas) if you can't find a gel based moisturizer, add 3 drops of foundation to 3 drops of foundation and make a "tinted" moisturizer, this will be a lighter way to cover and prevent future break outs

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    Hi, it's the sycilic acid in the Proactiv that dries your skin not the enthanol, try Dermalogica, just apply the certain lotions for acne on the exact areas your acne is, never put it all over your face. I used to use proactiv but I didnt like the results, I now use Dermalogica and my skin is great!

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    i can answer that 1 because i use proactive the reason why is because u gotta use the daily moisterizer every single day and when u go out side u must use the spf15 sunscreen....duh...and another tip dont only use what they give u in the box u gotta go to their site and enter in the email account and look at what they've got and it's not going to cost u alot cuz your already a member so it's only going to cost u about 15 to 20 dollars...

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    That's because it has the ethanol in it (that's an alcohol.)

    Alot of successful acne treatments contain it.

    I used to use an acne treatment a doctor perscribed me and it had ethanol in it as well. Generally these treatments work pretty fast.

    And that's because:

    "Ethanol kills organisms by denaturing their proteins and dissolving their lipids and is effective against most bacteria and fungi, and many viruses"


    I had the same problem as you described for a while as well.

    The problem is these treatments don't really solve the problem on a long term basis and can damage your skin.

    That's why doctors reccommend that you don't use it that often.

    This is happening because you're using too much on your skin, or maybe you're using proactiv too often.

    Personally I would suggest you use something your doctor has perscribed.

    Good luck & happy new years! =]

    Source(s): personal experience with acne treatments that contain ethanol. =]
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    Same here. I just stopped using it for good because my skin was truning dry and flaky. Just use proactive once a day every other day and see what happens. Apply more repairing lotion.

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    ahh proactiv....its a cycle, if you use it your skin looks good and if you quit it looks bad...i would keep using it until your party because changing products may make you break out, you might want to invest in a moisturizing mask and cut back on your proactiv use (just at night) till the party...afterwards...wean yourself off proactiv....maybe go to a derm. and talk about your situation and good skincare habits...i myself have eczema and acne and i like holistic skincare....dr.hauschka is great- you find it at sephora and wishes- and dont stress, youll just make it worse :)

    Source(s): makeup artist and skincare specialist
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    i would switch clensers try acne free (from walmart) it works just as well if not better than proactive and doesnt dry my skin out at all good luck blemishes suck bootay!!! :P

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    just put more lotion on(that's not proactive)that's what i did because that's what it was doing to my skin and it works great

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