missed a month...?

Usually i get my period around the second week of every month, however...i havent had my period all month....i took a pregnancy test on the 21st n it came out negative, perhaps i was supposed to take it at a certian time from my last period...idk. it is said to be the best store bought one.....hrmmm. then just a couple days ago broke a condom, i took the 72 hr pill wich are said to work really well. im not sure if it just too much sex (tmi..i know) or if im pregnant.....if its normal to miss???? idk....anyone....help??

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    its normal if you are sexually active , but taking a birth control method. sometimes are hormones are the responsible for our missed periods. i should know cause i asked my obgyn and she said the main reason is the hormones in our bodies. so you may want to check with a gynocologyst with that. :) xj

  • shy
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    1 decade ago

    it is normal to miss if you are under alot of stress you can miss your period. if you took a test and it came out the way it did and the pill you have nothing to worry about. and about the to much sex thing as long as you are using protection and not having it with a bunch of different people then you are OK there is never a thing called to much sex.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if u've done da pregnancy test then there is nothing to worry... i usually get this prob. sometimes when my partner ejaculate in my vagina that i encounter this prob... but still if u can do another test to be 100% sure it'll be better... i'm 17 and i never broke a condom... if u wanna know then sometimes it's normal to miss.. that also depend on ur age. i think ur body has not yet adapt itself to ur sexual life. so dont worry and do another test. okie???

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    its not normal to miss but it could be the pill that did it.

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