Am a refugee from Kenya and want assistance on how to immigrate to your country.?

am under UNHCR mandate in Kenya, and currently doing voluntary community services, but need to ressetle in canada for better life.

My address:Adalbert k. Musubao,P.O. box 46996-00100,Nairobi.

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    Holy crap dude, take your address down! That's some dangerous stuff. You don't want some uni-bomber posting you bombs man!

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    The best answers for your questions can be found on United States Citizenship & Immigration Services' website at

    You have forms such as the I-730 that can be filed, if you have a relative in the US who can petition for you. If you come to the US as a refugee, be aware that you will HAVE to apply for permanent residency within one year after being granted your status. If you come as an ASYLEE, however, you do not have to, but it would bei n your best interest to do so.

    Source(s): Customer Service Representative for USCIS
  • 1 decade ago or look at visitors to us it should help you

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