love-story or not ?

i was having an affair with this man since one year. i was falling in love from the start. i was never sure with him. i found out he was married with two little kids. one 4year old, one baby. i was shocked and tried to bring him to reason. told him you don't want to loose that. still i loved him, but realized it is impossible to be in love with this man! he convinced me to see him again - not difficult to do so i guess since i had feelings still - but from this moment on i started to feel heartbroken (because i loved him, yet i did not see him nearly enough & knew i was just a game for him).

very heartbroken, i told him "stop!" keep seeing those other women, but leave me alone. that he is cruel.

he was sad and wanted to talk and keep me... yet let me wait for him weeks and weeks. said he was surprised and sad.

seeing him much later, we spoke and continued this story :( i was happy just to see him. and i knew he was too. then, again i doubted his lifestyle (wife and kids - me - and


cheating on everyone with other one-night stands) so, i do know he is a bad player. going out lots and meeting other women too :-(

i told my boyfriend the truth. yes.. i do have a bf :) love him lots lots lots but missing lots lots lots. yet i thought he would be the man of my life.. until this new guy walked into my life. still love my bf much more and could never trust a man like the other guy :-(

then, weeks ago me and this man met, and only talked about it all! i was so surprised he wanted to just talk. he thought i wanted to quit. and was sad. he told me so. i said i cannot just call it over since we met and talked. told him i still need to see him. he was happy

yesterday we met again after weeks of break. he was asking funny questions about if i cared he had kids? if i was ever in love?? and when did it possibly change? i told him of course. and that i was in love for a long time. but was heartbroken. he asked if i still could be in love - which i did not answer clearly. only

Update 2:

like "i easily could". but i don't know. he mentioned in the past the possibility of being single all of a sudden again - of him living alone - which i always rejected and told him he has 2 kids, family and wife. and his wife must have a hard time. yet i could not get away completely from him.. :-( he just mentions funny things like living in a single flat - me seeing him - never admitting feelings for me until yesterday, when he strangly enough said something like he could be "in love again and again" with me (when i asked) he didn't like to answer the question and did it calmly and out of the blue. i am completely confused about this developpement!!! what do i do. we held hands. just talked. he told me strange things. like taking this new start slowly. yet telling me he would be unable to have good relationships. getting bored with the same woman around. told me it's better this way - seeing me once, twice a month and keeping things fresh!! i do never know at which point he was jokin

Update 3:

WHAT IS THIS? i'm completely in thoughts. thought i am over him. but he puts everything upside down! i still love him. but i'm out of hope. never want a man like him, cheating, always being on the chase. PLEASE - IF YOU MANAGED TO READ THROUGH THIS STORY ;-) - WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THIS. THANK YOU LOTS!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    not; why trust someone that lied to you. he is playing you, his wife and his kids and all the other women that he is seeing as well. do his family a favor, call his wife up and tell him who you are and stop seeing this man, you deserve better.

  • 1 decade ago

    This guy is a loser and playing games. Lets say that he left his family for you want that guilt? you would be considered a home wrecker! Plus, he will do the same to you...once a dog always a dog!! Move on...he is not worth it!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you will get hurt. he lied to you from the start by not even telling you he was married.

  • 1 decade ago

    Dumby, why were u in a AFFAIR IN THE FIRST PLACE DUMBY

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