I am going to Dublin, Ireland for a semester, Is there anything I should know?

My friend and I are going to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland spring 2007 from Jan 2 - May 31ish. I am wondering what is a must in the city to do and what should we avoid or be aware about. How can we fit in? Do we need to drop our american accents, dress differntly, avoid certian topics of discussion ect?

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    good god, the things people think about Dublin!!! :-) That thing about the runners is a joke right?! About 90% of people wear runners unless their going out to a pub or nightclub etc. If you're on the southside of the liffey you will most likely see the girls all wear the wretched "dubes" (du barry's) It is beyond me why!!! They're disgusting!!! :-)


    If you want things to do check out Dublin on wikitravel. (.com) If you plan to travel using public transport, LEARN THE BUS ROUTES!!! They are the most random numbers ever! the 16 could go to santry but the 16A goes a COMPLETELY different way to the airport!!! Oh and they're never on time! If you can get the LUAS (the trams), do. They're more reliable and easy (Don't try get on without a ticket, inspectors are quite common). Don't shop in Brown Thomas it's the biggest rip off ever. Its where paris hilton was shopping just recently (proof of how expensive it is!!). There are some rough areas which you might avoid when posible: Ballymun, Finglas, Tallaght, Dardale. D4 (Dublin 4, its a postcode), is a very em... how to put this... "higher class area" and is very nice. Also remember that there are basically no seasons in Ireland. It could be hailstorming on the sunniest day of the year, then an hour later your house could be flooded and 20 minutes later you're applying suncream!!! If you want to maybe drink just a couple of (hundred) pints check out temple bar (If in temple bar on saturday check out the food court on Saturday).

    And of course if you really want to fit in get ABSOLUTELY LOCKED on St. Patricks Day!!! (another Irish tradition!!! :-)

    For more info on moving to Ireland check out:




    I just read unknowme's comment. In the republic we are not recist at all!!! Maybe in Northern Ireland but thats because it's part of a different country which is protestant based and the Catholics and Protestants are always fight. In the South most people dont care about their religon. Jews and Muslims have been even voted to the Dail. We have had many women presidents. We are most definately NOT poor (ok maybe during the famine 150 years ago) but you should maybe recheck your facts there because Ireland has had 160,000 thousand immagrants in the 21 months because there are so many jobs since the boom in the economy 10 years ago. It's one of the most expensive countries in Europe (yeah, real poor).

    So maybe you should check for yourself before you go ranting on about something you don't know about

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    You can fit in by being yourselfs, don't fake your accents - they will see through it, dress you might need to do (because you might need to do that here anyway if you live in the states - who knows how you dress), and don't brag about how you are a young republic and you are in love with George Bush - other than that they are a pretty open-minded crowd (well don't tell them you think the IRA is a bunch of fags - that might not go well either).

    You might want to read up a bit about where you are going so take a look at this article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dublin%2C_Ireland and learn at least something about their form of football http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football

    Good Luck!!!

    Btw - I am actually jealous because there probably isn't a better place to study abroad from the United States in the entire world than Ireland. One of my cousins married an Irishman - they are good people.

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    Be aware: Dublin is in Ireland. Avoid sobriety. Don't talk about the Loch Ness monster, it has probably killed someone someone knows and is likely a sore subject. Don't wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes. They hate that.

    Source(s): Also don't tell them that Loch Ness is actually in Scotland. They hate being corrected. And change my answer to what the guy below me said. You're silly to worry, and I hope your research helps you find some cool places to visit.
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    They're just as judgemental as anyone else. They don't like people who wear running sneakers or white sneakers unless you're actually running. They don't like people who wear white socks even w/ jeans. They're supposed to be black. My sister-in-law is from Dublin and this was explained to me. I explained back that they're small minded because they don't accept people for their differences. Good luck .Oh and some of them get angry because they think all Americans think they're poor. Oh just another opportunity to explain that all Americans aren't rich like they think we are. Same difference to me.Very OPEN minded. Yeah, they don't like Protestants that's open minded. When did they start using birth control?

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    Just know that the Irish are the nicest, warmest and most welcoming people in the world.

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