Why is everybody wanting to see pictures/videos of saddam being hung?

I know what he done and all of that and he did get what he had coming to him but i believe people should not be showing pictures of the man being killed. If it was some other person do you think they would even be trying to show those pictures of just say a regular joe or your own cousin, etc??

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    1 decade ago
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    I am glad that he has been executed and think justice was done; however, I certainly do not want to see the evidence of the hanging; that is just too morbid to me. Some people just thrive on stuff like this though. Oh well, more power to them, but I don't think no one will be seeing any photos or footage of the actual hanging. All that will accomplish would be to enrage the remainder of his followers to do more and more of the terrorist activities they are doing now.

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    the guy has had a major impact on the world and regardless his removal from power murdered many many people routinely. Its kinda like the opposite of having to see your loved ones dead to believe they truely are. This guy terrorised millions and terrorfied them greatly. They need closure on all the things that occured during his reign.

    Maybe the rest of the world doesnt really need to see but some do. Perhaps we are all to familiar with these horrible sights but perhaps this is what we need to be forever reminded not to allow such things to occur? Perhaps to ignore them is to invite more of the same.

    Source(s): Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand.
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    i imagine some of the very corporations that can entice us into war or peace depending on commercial prospects are making quite a bit of money out of the footage somehow. I'll bet whoever filmed it paid somebody. What the hell I'm off to watch a hollywood "action" film. Screw saddy he's pushin up daisies tomoro.

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    it is just human nature.. humans are always curious of death and for some reason watching it happen is just always something that people will be attracted to. like fights. people like to watch fights.. do they like to see people get hurt? no not necesarily they just like watching. so its not HIS proof of death that everyone is really wanting to see.. its just a death.

    oh and by the way.. its HANGED when its a person being executed..

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