how to say 'my name is' in japanese??

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    Japanese (Japan) - Watashi no namae wa... des

    Japanese (Japan) - Watakushi wa...desu.

    Japanese (Japan) [humble] - moushimasu.

    Japanese (Japan) [by male, informal] - Boku wa...da.

    Japanese (Japan) [by male, very informal] - Ore wa...da.

    Japanese (Japan) [by female, informal] - Watashi wa...desu.

    Japanese (Japan) [by female, informal] - Atashi wa...wa.

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    My Name Is In Japanese

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    Speaking Japanese & Loving Japanese Culture!

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    Just to say something different, I would say: wagahai ha kurisu to yobaremasu. "I am called Chris. 'wagahai' is the pronoun that Natsume Soseki's cat uses in his novel 'wagahai ha neko de aru.' Of course, you could leave the pronoun off in Japanese as its obvious if I say "kurisu desu" or "kurisu to yobaremasu' That it is my name. You want to be careful with honorifics in Japanese. I noticed that someone said 'onamae' and the honorific, o, is never used for one's self.

    I also noticed that there was some polite ways to say my name is. You can never be too polite and it counts big with Japanese. So, you know, if you want use the ' watashi (watakushi) ha kurisu to moushimasu.' Of course, then there is a whole lot of politeness that comes after that and you are going to fall on your face. (After you say your name you usually say something like 'yoroshiku onegai itashimasu' ( it is like please accept me a your friend. be good to me! ) They will say something like "nihongo ha ojozu desu ne" Your japanese is good! which you deny by saying 'ton de mo nai koto desu.' It would never happen (that I could speak so well!) Anyway, your name and desu is fine but you should say yoroshiku after that. Oh! yes applying -san to your own name is a no no again an honorific to be used for the names of other people.

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    Watashi no namae wa jeimusu desu

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    "Watakushi (or watashi - depends on how formal you want to be) no namae wa (insert name here) desu."

    Pronounced as "wa tak shi no na ma-ee wa (name) des."


    Watakushi no namae wa Poopy desu.

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    Well to be more specific say for instance if I want to introduce myself as Michael, I would say: "Watashi no namae wa, Mikaeru desu." (My name is Michael).

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    Watashi no namae ha (pronounced wa)________desu.

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    For easy remembrance, you can just say "_____ desu."

    For longer, you can say "watashi no namae wa _____ desu."


    watashi = I/me

    no = of

    namae = name

    watashi no namae = my name

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    Watashi no namae wa ____ desu. (pronounced as dess)

    わたし の なまえ わ ____ でづ

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