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Postgraduate studies/european universities help?

After I complete my undergraduate degree in history/politics, would like to do graduate school in Europe, and study European affairs in some capacity or an other.

Can you rank these universities/programs based on reputation? Otherwise, any info on any of these schools would be appreciated!

Graduate School of International Studies Geneva - Master's in International Affairs (2-years + can improve my French)

College of Europe - EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies (1-year + can improve my French)

Leiden University - MA European History (1-year, studies split between Leiden, Sorbonne and Oxford)

Geneva School of Diplomacy - Seems pretty cr*ppy though!

If you have any other good schools to suggest, feel free to do so as well!

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    try, google or wikipedia

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    Sorry i don't comprehend lots regarding the Uni of Lancaster yet I stay in Birmingham, and Aston's a sturdy uni. it somewhat is placed interior the city Centre, so which you would be wanting each and all of the final shops interior sight. And yeah there are various Asians in Birmingham and in Aston Uni, yet so what? they are not gonna consume you :S! there is sturdy transport in and around Birmingham, and lots of friendly human beings :) hint hint ;)

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