Why is a MAC better than a PC?

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    Well, it once was, but no longer is. This from a dozen year mac user. OSX killed Apple's once clear superiority. The thing that made a mac better was a GUI that really let users "step off the path", and get out of that ugly directory-bound navigation structure of Windows. With OSX, they threw this away and actively made the effort to become a Windows clone. They conceded the impact of Windows on the public, trimmed their sails accordingly, and stopped having the things that made a mac a mac. For example, you can no longer open the system folder on a mac and cherry-pick through it, if you are having app or operating problems ...a HUGE defeat for mac users. Linux just doesn't play that. --Mac users lose. (Also, what's with ending the memory allocation capability on an app by app basis? "OSX automatically allocates memory; it knows what's best for you." Are those Apple tech guys nuts?)

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    Sadly, Macs are not better than PCs anymore. I was a loyal Mac user since 1994. THe reply from Martino is not only sadly correct but a very intelligent and thorough answer. I stuck to the old PowerMac for 11 years until nothing was compatible with it anymore. Now I own an iMac G5 and not only do I hate the new OSX interface but it seems Mac has become careless in answering for their product. They just don't seem to care anymore. The product is badly made and faulty hardware is allowed to stay on store shelves even after the problems are discovered. If Apple keeps up these irresponsible practices, they won't be around for too much longer. So, no - don't run out and buy a Mac just yet, they are not better than PCs.

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    They're more stable, more secure, easier to use, work better with third party hardware (plug-n-play actually works on a Mac!) and they can run more software since they can run OS X, Linux, and Windows. Since some Mac models cost less than comparably equipped Dell models, there's no reason not to get a Mac.

    Most people buy PCs because they aren't aware that there is a better alternative. Market share is never an indication of quality. The Ford Pinto used to blow up on contact, amongst its many other problems, yet it was once a number one seller.

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    Even though we can argue both ways, we will go ahead and proceed with your proposed argument.

    Macs are better for the following reasons:

    1) 99% of the viruses are targeted towards Windows-based operating systems.

    2) Macs have a better, more stable and robust operating system. It doesn't crash as much as Windows does.

    3) Graphics look better.

    4) Final Cut Pro kicks *** and beats any video editing program on a PC.

    Sorry that's all I got. While the above are all true, we all know PC's are better because they dominate the computer industry and consumer market. When there is demand, there is more variety of software, games and hardware. If Apple allows cloning, the world would be a better place.

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    I Have a PC at home because it is easier and cheaper to get software, and there is much more software available. But at work I use a Mac because it is more user friendly and contrary to what has been said here, my Mac crashes much more than my PC ever has. I have worked daily on over 20 computers in the last 15 years - both Mac and PC. Each has good points. And each has disturbing idiosyncrasies that make you crazy!

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    A Mac can be better or worse than a PC; it depends on how you look at it. It is better because hackers and virus creators don't focus on macs as much as PC's. It is also better because it comes preinstalled with iTunes for iPod owners. It also has FireWire IEEE 1392 ports as standard equipment, whereas lots of PC's don't. Although, if you're used to PC's and the way Windows works, then a PC would be better, because it would be like learning how to use a computer almost all over again. Although, they come with good sized hard drives. A new Macbook comes with 6- pin FireWire ports, a 200GB hard drive, and either 1-2 GB RAM. I like PC's better, anyway. I have a Dell Inspiron 640M with a dual core processor, a 120GB hard drive, a CD/ DVD burner, 14.5" widescreen display, and Windows XP home. Macbooks only have 13" screens.

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    I've owned a mac, work on both--each one seems to have been made for different types of thinkers, or tasks that need to be done. mac is very arts/creativity related. PC is business oriented it seems. Each can do many similar things, but the way they interact with us varies a bit. I enjoy my PC, am grateful for it....will not complain when i get another mac though!

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    I like Windows over Mac, however you need to give Apple its kudos.

    Now that Intel is in the Apple product line, hardware does not really have to enter into it.

    The real advantage that a Mac has over Windows is the architecture of the operating system. In OSX, just like Unix/Linux, the user and system execute in completely separate address space. A linker packages executable objects with address and instruction checksums so if there is any modification, the process crashes and the system can get control.

    In Windows this is only partially true, as the kernel (priviledged) code is injected into a user process stream as needed.

    This is the main reason why Windows systems get so many viruses. (not the myth that Windows gets more because of market share.)

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    IS a MAC better than a PC? Based on what standards or guidelines?

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    It's not...heh heh, no it really depends on your tastes I guess, different operating systems, and layouts. I prefer PC/Windows because MAC isn't very compataible with a lot of programs...

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