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Editing EXE file...?


I have a EXE file. I would like for someone to make a shortcut somehow in the file(tell me how to get there) and make it so I can have 'User Functions'. This is like a clinet program used so peeps can talk to each other and play the game. If ya cant make the shortcut just tell me how I can like do crtl+alt+(whatever) so it pops up. FIRST ONE THE ANSWER/OR CREATE SHORTCUT WILL GET 'BEST ANSWER'. the file is here(you got to download it) - GOOD LUCK - I WILL APPRETIATE THE PERSON WHO DOES THIS- :)

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    Creating shortcut can be messy in terms of remembering the shortcut.

    Have a look at Launchy - an open source keystroke launcher for windows

    I am using it and it's quite addictive. Just type initial letters of program name and launchy will start it for u.

    Good luck

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    if u know the file whaere it is to creat shortcut is easy but if u dnot know goto search option onthe start up menu and give the file name it shows the address of the file, goto that file right click and it shows cerat a shortcut click onit it will creat a shortcut

    otherwise you can anotherway is rightclick on the desktop in new option click onthe shortcut and browse for the file and selct it creats the shortcut.

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    Right-click the download link and click "Save as", then you can choose wherever you want to save the .exe file. For example you can save it to your desktop so you can just access it from your desktop whenever you want.

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