what should i do?

I've been going out w/ my bf for half a year. I've met his whole family including aunts and uncles. I'm muslim so my parents would like me to be intrested in muslim guys . They both know im seeing someone whos not muslime.My mom doesnt like the fact that i have a boyfriend and would like me to break up with him cause ive been slacking from school.But my bf wants to meet my parents and i want them to meet but im embarresed of them i think my mom would come off mean or rude and his family is so nice i dont know what to do?

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    im muslim too..i know how it feels..just bring him over..and speak in your own language to your parents..if anything goes wrong..you can signal him to go or something.. i know its hard to be part of a muslim family...

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    Tell him what you think you expect to happen, as you want to be known and know your parents, so is not a surprise when that is to happen. At least he would expect it and would be like a coo-shin and ain't gonna have all bad effects which can come when is an surprise. Making this with him why do not try it with your parents, tell them by comparison with his, because you do not want to be shamed by theirs attitude.They will understand that.

    And keep your grades high, having an boyfriend does not mean you do not do your homework at least, or you do not have time to read the next day lesson, do not make that a reason for your study.

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    There is an old saying that is true. When you marry someone, you marry his/her relatives also. It is not wisdom to pursue a relationship with someone if all parties involved are not in agreement. Especially if there are religious differences. Play this out in your mind and imagine what problems this could cause for you and your children. Parents know alot more than you think. They are not always right and dont always understand you, but they have been around alot longer than you and their opinions should atleast be considered to see if there is any wisdom in what they say.

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    Hello =)

    Just because your mother doesn't like "the idea" of him, it doesn't mean she won't like "him"....

    She may very well love the boy, once she gets to know him. If she does, some of her objections may fade away, to some degree.

    I'd arrange a meeting soon, if I were you. Just warn your boy that you cannot guarantee how things will go.....and that "the opinions expressed by your parents are not necessarily those of you, or anyone else that you know...LOL"

    Namaste, and Happy New Year,


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    Tell your bf exactly what you told us. Honesty is the best policy. He'll understand how your situation. If he still insists on meeting them then he'll have a heads up on what to expect and won't take your mom's rudeness too personally.

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    Just tell him your parents are not ready.Boyfriends will come and go.Your parents will always be there for you.Just compromise them and give them a little bit more time.

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    It doesn't matter about religion. What matters is- the school work. Get good grades, then when your older, more mature- earning - you get to make your rules. Concentrate on the school work for now!

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    well if you and your boyfrind are that close with each other you should explain before hand what you parents might do and that they are a bot weird but they just have towarm up to him

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    Parents are first.

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