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Atheist: Do you want a laugh, check out this video.?

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Have a laugh, have a cry.

I think this girl has lost her mind, what do you think?


Is this an example of what can happen to a mind if you drink to much christianity juice? or not?

Give us your thoughts

Update 2:

This video does make me see this one thing, not all christians are the same. This one is nice and happy about her demonizing of any one who is not a christian. I know other christians demonize non christians, but at least they have the correct tone of voice for condeming people.

Update 3:

sorry lynneboo , maybe not you

I just have to keep on saying "some" or "most" christians, I know what I mean.


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    lol. Favorited.

    That was some weakest reasoning i've ever seen, lol.

    What she was babbling about around 10 minutes about how we spend so much time "hating" and "denying" gods existence is funny, and filled with so much irony, lol.

  • Vaughn
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    1 decade ago

    Why do some (thankfully not all) Christians think that they can make people believe by quoting from a book that the people don't believe in? That's, on an extreme level, like saying, "You must love Joe, because Joe says so."

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    okay that was sort of funny but you have to know that this represents like 5% of Christians. Anyway I think this pushes more people away from Christ than it scares them into it

    I don't demonize non-Christians =(

  • 4 years ago

    you in basic terms would desire to comprehend that the bible doesnt make experience no guy is clever sufficient to translate it besides the bible teaches sturdy morals so if u have self assurance in it or no longer you mustn't would desire to take it upon your self to make the history of guy and faith replace and by the form to seek as much as you like for information yet there people who've spent their total lives finding for it so i in my opinion discover it complicated to have self assurance which you will make that spoil by sorry bro.... p.s. I have not got something against you or what you suspect im purely providing you with me innovations!

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  • 1 decade ago

    She was wearing such an ugly shade of lime green eyeshadow! Erghhh.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think you are wicked.

    this is a person who is trying to do only what she knows what to do.

    If i understood how to get videos on youtube I would do my own ministry there too

  • Sara
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    1 decade ago

    She's a whack job. That was really funny, thank you.

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